Selena Gomez on Shoes, Jeans and Justin!

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Selena Gomez loves shoes, hates jeans and is learning more and more Canadian vocabulary by the day.

The singer touched on all these topics and more in an interview with Fashion, responding to questions about everything from shopping to music to Justin Bieber. Excerpts from the interview are below...

Selena Gomez Fashion Magazone Cover

On her boyfriend's vernacular: "He says ‘Eh?’ a lot and ‘Lookit.’ He says that’s a Canadian thing too, but I don’t know."

On first hearing her song on the radio: "I was in L.A. at a Starbucks when I heard one on the radio. I was in the drive- through, and I screamed and called my mom and I was crying. It was a huge moment for me. The server probably thought I was an emotional teenager going through something."

On shopping: "I have to be in the mood to go shopping. I can’t stand shopping for jeans - I hate having to try them on. But I can shop for shoes for days."

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I hate selena gomez and i would admit it its because of when she started dating justin so what i rather justin be single and mingle than with selena im just saying


i don't like Selena Gomez and i don't care what anyone want to say i did like justin bieber but not no more ever since he start going out with Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i stil dont like her...donno why i just dont but i hate shopping for jeans too my P.a DOES IT FOR ME ......EH


Amazing girl!! Selena is amazing!! No one deny that!!


Anyone who hates this girl is nuts, go die in a hole you bitch because at least she's more useful to the world than you.


selena eres genal fantastica te amo eres mi fan numero uno ojala algun dia vinieras al fuerte sinaloa acer un concierto


Justin bieber you are so cute and i love the way u act i wish i couls meet you in person because i reallly love you so much and selena gomez i love how you sang that song on the emmys so sang so beautiful and i love your mom and dad i love you guys together you and justin bieber are so cute together


I love u so much selena and justin bieber you guys are so cute together and yall make a good couple and i hope yall stay together for the rest of yall life selena gomez you are so cute and justin i love you so much and if the haters dont like yall being together yall dont have to care about it i love you so much and i will twit back later. Bye bye


Selena i relly like u...i love the way u act,ur songs,movies everytin about u is so cute..