Selena Gomez Debuts "Justin" Tattoo: Sweet or Stupid?

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Selena Gomez performed at the Mandalay Bay Event Center at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and it was an apt location.

Why? Because the singer is taking a major gamble with a new tattoo.

Made evident to all when she raised her right hand in the air, Gomez now sports the inked-on name of "Justin," with a heart added on below. Hmmm... we wonder to whom this could be referring. Any ideas, readers?

Selena Gomez Tattoo

In a recent interview, meanwhile, Justin Bieber did not say he wanted to marry Selena, nor did he even mention her by name. But the singer did make it clear that children are in his not-so-distant future.

Are these two moving too quickly? A tattoo is pretty much as permanent as it gets, after all. What do you think? Selena tattooing her boyfriend's name on her wrist is...

UPDATE: Selena's rep confirms this is NOT a real tattoo. Nevertheless, it's a bold, public statement.



wow a bunch of haters! all of u girls act like u would of ever had a chance with bieber! him and selina r cute together and r ganna b together so get over it!!!!


omfg the only reason yall saying selenas a ***** and a ******* is because yall want justin listen ppl he dont know ur alive so shut up selena can do whatever she wants and if they do breakup im going to go kick his @** selena is so beutiful so say what u want she will not listen its not stupid that she did it its sweet she loves justin let her do what she wants its her life not urs!


People also need to watch their language on here there are kids who het on here and read this stuff so the two potty mouths needs to watch what you say would you let your kids talk like that did your Mom not raise you any better?


Personally people need to mind their own business its bad enough they got the paparazzi all over them or the media life is about making mistakes you have to let them make their own! Or They will never learn! From them!


i don't see reasons why people should compare selena and miley.justin and selena should go ahead with whatever relationship they are having and let's see what the future holds for the two.


i am i3 emo and bisexual and i have tattoos from head to toe !!!


This is her body. Nobody can tell her what she can do to her body.


stupid bitch sara miley is great selena got full naked pics even showing her pussy i am a huge fan of miley if u want to say that miley is bad give the proof well ill give u a proof that selena is bitch and bastard just email me at ill give u the pic justin and selena having sex naked huh

@ hannah fan

Ok eww who in there right mind would want to see that... people needs to mind there own bees waxs..


oh its so sweet... so long its fake haha.. anyway as other may say it is her body..she can do what ever she wants


Selena is soo stupid 2 put it on her arm!!
Wat if justin and selena broke up? That tatoo would be still der!! But its fake!!
She is so STUPID
Your a BITCH selena!!
Just live justin alone!!

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