Selena Gomez Debuts "Justin" Tattoo: Sweet or Stupid?

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Selena Gomez performed at the Mandalay Bay Event Center at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and it was an apt location.

Why? Because the singer is taking a major gamble with a new tattoo.

Made evident to all when she raised her right hand in the air, Gomez now sports the inked-on name of "Justin," with a heart added on below. Hmmm... we wonder to whom this could be referring. Any ideas, readers?

Selena Gomez Tattoo

In a recent interview, meanwhile, Justin Bieber did not say he wanted to marry Selena, nor did he even mention her by name. But the singer did make it clear that children are in his not-so-distant future.

Are these two moving too quickly? A tattoo is pretty much as permanent as it gets, after all. What do you think? Selena tattooing her boyfriend's name on her wrist is...

UPDATE: Selena's rep confirms this is NOT a real tattoo. Nevertheless, it's a bold, public statement.



Okay i dont even think that's a real tattoo so stop getting all serious guys (not that you are) but to me no offense Selena it's kinda stupid and sweet at the same time first i think it's stupid cause we dont even know if you guys are in a like REAL serious relationship because yall to busy HIDING IT!!! And yall act like yall not even a couple sometimes we all now its obvious you two are dating big deal pfft...! Then i think its sweet cause you have a boyfriend and your in love you wanna out his name on your wrist and i think thats cute and guys dont act like yall never did it before! Oh and she looks pale in that picture haha! :) Anyway I LOVE YOU SELENA!!! :) STAY HAPPY WITH HIM AND DONT LET THESE "FANS" OF YOURS LET YOU DOWN CAUSE IF THEY REALLY ARE "FANS" THEY WOULDVE LET YALL STAY TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY AND STOP HATING CAUSE YOU DIDNT GET JUSTIN AND SHE DID!!! ANYWAY BYEEE!!!! :)

@ JerseyShoreFan

Your totally right people should't care what boyfriend she has everyone should be happy for her. She can do what ever she wants 2 its a free country.


I think that Selena Gomez is old enough to make her own decisions. If it really is a fake tattoo, then whatever. If it happens to be a real permanent tattoo, then that's her business. Young people get permanent tattoo's of anything now a days. Almost everyone I know draws on themselves, and that's what she probably did. I personally think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez make a perfect couple. They should get married when they are older and have children. Or get matching tattoos. Maryvale Swimming B-)


if selena wanted a tatto y couldnt she put the name of her mother because shes was the one who got her in life and who who took care of her and maybe her mother had alot to do but didnt do it for her.


i love selena gomez im her biggest #1 fan but i hate justin beiber i think its stupid to have ur bfs name on ur wrist because boys change and the thing that u have secure in ur life is life and death theres no more secure then that because u never get to know the guy until u lived with him for like 40 years and even though if they do get married 40 years u will never finish to know who he is everyday they change soething diferent. so if selena and justin brake up and selena still has the tatoo of his name shell have it for ever wether she likes it or not thats y i think its stupid

@ isa

Your right boys do change alot and i mean alot.. i liked this boy before and we've know each other before school even started.. his name is John and then i had to move cuz of my dad... then i find out that my bestfriend said that a girl yelled out in class that i like John and then he calls me a UGLY ''B'' so my best friend got up from her seat and socked him in the face..i was so mad at him for calling me that but i cant do anything about it......... :(


she thnks JB is gonna b with her n marry her.......hahaha.....its Hollywood dear wake up u have 2 move on!!!!!!

@ fids

Yeah he is not worth ir. U can do better. :P


wow i know they are close and all but this is really stupid on her part because how does she know that they will end up together but on a positve note they do look really good together and i hope they dont break up in the near future so lets hope the tat is not real.


i hate justin beiber but i love selena very much.then some time later i saw selena is dating that beiber i start hating selena.i want to tell selena that "you lost your one fan girl"nd i don't know about others


i thhink itis kinda stupid that she has a tatto that says justinbieber and i am seven


I love Selena Gomez I'm a huge fan of her and you can't tell them what to do so ?? She did a tattoo ?? So what happend the world is upside dawn ??? Really I don't like jb but if Selena truly loves him she can do whatever she want with that !! Theres no way back with the tattoo ...


I DON'T hate Selena as much as I used 2 but REALLY?!?!? A tatoo?!?! They're still freaking dating!!!! Even if they do get married its BOUND 2 end up in divorce!!!

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