Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Hacked, FBI Contacted

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Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to allegedly be targeted by a hacker with great taste in women.

The actress reportedly contacted the FBI this morning because nude photos she took of herself on her cell phone were stolen and leaked online. We'd love to publish them here, but we'd also love to not get sued.

Scarlett Johansson Red Carpet Pic

Over the past few months, federal agents have taken action in other famous nude photo hacking situations, most notably scandals that involved Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba.

For legal pictures of this beauty, posed for via her own volition, visit our Scarlett Johansson photo gallery now!

UPDATE, 10/13: Christopher Chaney has been arrested by the FBI for his involvement in the scandal. Follow the link for the full report ...



S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008


I just don't understand why ppl take nude photos of themselves in the first place.


Its Very easy to hack a Cellphone... You can get any kind of info wireless if you know what to do. All new cellphones have Bluetooth, if this option is enable, you can wireless share files, and if a hacker aims to get your files, its not very hard.


Shes beautiful


trust me when I tell u this, if u know what you're doing it's kinda scary how easy pretty much anything can be hacked, includng phones. It's not as difficult as u think it is.


How does one hack a phone to get at these pictures? I have to agree with Bobby here ...


Well this is like deja vu isn’t it? First it was the Lindsay Lohan and her so called hacked nude pictures taken by Calum Best. Then it was the Vanessa Hudgens gyno pictures. Now (took a bit longer than expected) its Scarlett Johansson with some leaked (5) pictures. These rate almost as good as the Lohan set but not quite as good as Hudgen’s 3rd gyno set. **See the Watercooler at JLAforums for the uncensored sets** But honestly do people really still think that this is some hacker job? Seriously, Paris Hilton set the stage for this sort of thing with her alleged Tmobile scandal (like in 2005 or 2006?) and girls like Lohan, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa’s seems to work quite well not once but three times) have just played the same game. It is apparent that this sort of move brings more attention to their stalling careers/personas. Back in the day, a celeb would do playboy to get some attention. Now this sort of thing is the same deal.

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