Sarah Palin Disses Herman Cain, Lame-Stream Media

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Sarah Palin says she didn't mean to insult Herm Cain ... Herb Cain ... Herman Cain ... aww shucks, whatever his name is in an interview on Fox News this week.

When she called the presidential candidate "the flavor of the week," Palin was criticized by supporters of the Georgia businessman and Republicans in general.

Well, Palin took the time to clarify that, saying she wasn't suggesting that Cain was about to fade, but merely commenting on her arch-nemesis, the press:

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"What the media tends to do is propel this flavor of the week ... I am not saying that Herman Cain is the flavor of the week. I’m one of his biggest fans and I would never dismiss him or speak negatively about him."

"I’m saying the media always has to gin up some controversy and intrigue so viewers tune in and there’s a lot of competition in the media world in this quasi-reality show it seems that’s being created in the GOP primary."

"It’s just the nature of the beast right now and I think anybody would hard-pressed to argue against what I observed," Palin explained.

That's actually a fair point. But it's still funny because:

  1. Sarah Palin has actually been on a reality show.
  2. She profits from 24/7 media coverage, exploiting it to remain in the spotlight long after she lost any relevance and despite having no plans to run for office.

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Cain's first name--not last name. OOPS!




She states that he is the next flavor of the week in the eyes of the media!
VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it’s sort of interesting, always the people who are not in the race — I guess not always, but sometimes they get a lot of encouragement from others, a lot of glowing reports, and [Gov. Christie] certainly has been pushed by many Republicans.
PALIN: "Many Republicans, but also just many in the media because for many in the media, this is like a reality show. I think Newsweek, an article that came out the other day, really nailed it when they said that there are media outlets that kind of create this reality show, this intrigue, and who’s going to be the next “flavor of the week.� And they prop somebody up in order to crush the person, it seems, later on. But I think that a lot of the push for Chris Christie and for others comes not just from those within the party, but those inside baseball, and within the media."


In her interview with Van Susteren ,Sarah Palin did say that the media (!) have made Cain the flavor of the week.
She doesn't think of Cain as a flavor of the week. she just noticed how THE MEDIA treats Cain like the flavor of the week.
She is praising Cain here and showing how the media makes someone flavor of the week and then dashes them to the ground.
The 'flavor of the week' comment was in reference to the media and how they create these 'flavor of the week' candidates before they tear them down.


L That was one of the best post I've ever read about this woman goodness you are so on point.


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