Sara Leal Outed as Latest Ashton Kutcher Mistress?

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Has Demi Moore finally had it with what one source deems to be Ashton Kutcher's "serial" cheating?

A new Star Magazine cover story claims this couple is headed for divorce because the Two and a Half Men star couldn't keep it in his pants again, this time hooking up with a 23-year old named Sara Leal on September 23rd  - a day before his sixth wedding anniversary, which he and Moore did not spend together - at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight

Are there tears behind this laughter?

The pair allegedly met at a nightclub, with a friend of the mistress telling Radar Online that Leal was due to meet with an attorney last night and is "freaking out" over the situation.

“It was definitely a long time coming, but they’re finally done for good,” an insider told Star. “Ashton was a serial cheater, and Demi just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t deserve to live that way. It’s a painful time for Demi.”

And for Chuck Lorre. This rumor is just what the Two and a Half Men creator needs!


The problem with women marrying men so much younger than themselves is that in their 30's they look really good...but when the 40's creep in they start to age, their kids from prior marriages start having kids and the guy, who was in his 20's is now in his early 30's and being called 'grandpa' (or staring that possibility in the face). He starts to go through a mid life crisis and either realizes or goes searching for a 'younger thing' to prove 'he's still got it.' Makes you wonder if that's why he took the sinking ship of "2 1/2 Men" so he'd still have income he could count on. I have no doubt he has feelings for her and her children. I pray that this story is just 'hype' as he says but as a good looking man with a wife looking 50 in the face, I'd believe he's cheated on her and if that's the case I feel sorry for all of them.


plus it's probably just hype anyway, Kutcher looks too squeaky clean to replace my old idol Charlie...ratings probably suck so they have to try to recreate a bad guy. I will never watch a second of Men. They used Charlies personality, the probably didn't even have to write the script, just wrote the story line and Charlie ad libbed. Then when he got overboard and in trouble, they acted like they had some morals clause??? Really? horrible Charlie made them millions and they dump him for being himself...will never watch i, not even reruns unless I know Sheen gets paid.


Ashton Kutcher is a cheater.
Demi Moore deserve a man not a ''kid'' as a spouse.He's 33 ...she's 48.She needs a man in the 50s to make her happy and being faithful to her.Hollywood always ruins people's lives.She has 3 daughter....i hope they will bring her some happyness.I heard that one of them was arrested ....because she was drunk.....'''the middle one''.


Ashton Kutcher is a good man


there is no changing the facts that under all that plastic surgery Demi is still headed in the direction of ageing and looking like her mother. I see it already and sadly Demi is not one to take ageing well. Even Pamela Anderson who was once considered the hottest woman in the world doesn't seem to be as desperate as Demi as far as trying to maintain. I am sure Ashton wants children and there was no way Demi was going to pop out another baby and risk having to go through another $300,000.00 in cosmetic surgery to get her body back. Plus (and I hate to say this about kids) but Demi and Bruce did not pass on the beauty genes to any of their daughters. Although Rumor is passable. Poor Demi, tweeting and desperately taking pics of herself by herself in a dark bathroom, it just couldn't come across as any sadder or desperate!!


Women who date much younger men will break their own heart, even if he doesn't. Even if the man is true blue, and he's never going to cheat, it's human nature to look, so even the most secure woman, in her heart will compare herself with those younger. And if she's 10 to 15 years older than he already, then what?? 20 to 30 year spread?? I'm a very secure woman, but really? give me a man my age or older any day! Let me be the young hot thing! :)


oh please.... Ashton put the song "Don't Believe the Hype" on his page yesterday. All these pathetic woman that are more than willing to out themselves as the latest whore for their 15 minutes of fame is ridiculous. Nothing says self respect like.. "HI WORLD, I SLEEP WITH MARRIED MEN AND THEN TELL THE WORLD!" freakin' pathetic. get a life loser.


Don't know much about Ashton, but from his looks I would have never guessed he was a freak!!


It's sad to see a good marriage go dwn the drain due to a stupid home wrecker! All they want is publicity & have $ signs in they're freakin' eyes !!!But don't believe it until you see it! Rumors ruin relationships !


Cougars get what they deserve. End.

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