Sara Leal Outed as Latest Ashton Kutcher Mistress?

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Has Demi Moore finally had it with what one source deems to be Ashton Kutcher's "serial" cheating?

A new Star Magazine cover story claims this couple is headed for divorce because the Two and a Half Men star couldn't keep it in his pants again, this time hooking up with a 23-year old named Sara Leal on September 23rd  - a day before his sixth wedding anniversary, which he and Moore did not spend together - at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight

Are there tears behind this laughter?

The pair allegedly met at a nightclub, with a friend of the mistress telling Radar Online that Leal was due to meet with an attorney last night and is "freaking out" over the situation.

“It was definitely a long time coming, but they’re finally done for good,” an insider told Star. “Ashton was a serial cheater, and Demi just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t deserve to live that way. It’s a painful time for Demi.”

And for Chuck Lorre. This rumor is just what the Two and a Half Men creator needs!

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Sara Leal ! As soon u American fucks a idol... u turn into a hore!


If this is true, then it has nothing to do with age. My mother was 10 years older than my father and they shared 50 happy years together. My father looked like Gregory Peck - so I think there were probably plenty of women who would have found him attractive, but my parents were totally committed to each other. It is a great shame that some people here have been made to feel bitter about men as they are not all serial cheats. I know for certain that not one of my boyfriends was ever unfaithful. It works both ways and there are a lot of women who cheat on their men. Sara Leal (and other women who sleep with men just because they are famous) knew he is married and should have stayed away. She is as much to blame, if (as I said before)this is true.


Too bad Demi didnt see that kamin....he's just a man and we all know men!they are not men without giving out them dicks!


Ashton Kutcher with New Mistress Sara Leal Photos Leaked Here


I'm 7 years younger than my husband ;) screw being with a boy, I like having a man that's a good 5-10 yrs older than me. We get along great most of the time and we're going on 10 yrs of marriage! I love being the hot blonde YOUNG wife;)


I agree Demi does not deserve this kind of treatment. She's a very attractive woman and can do far better than she did. I was sorry when she and Bruce Willis split. I hope she finds somebody nice and some happiness in her future. She's definitely still pretty enough to find a nice man out there. Unfortunately, this often happens when a woman marries a much younger man, they will eventually stray after younger women. I do not know why a younger man is attracted to a much older woman, other than for someone of a "Mother" image to look after them, take and lead them by the hand because they have no motivation of their own. The other reason being materialistic. Either way, these much older women/much younger men marriages very seldom last.


So sorry to hear of their possible split. Demi deserves more. She's a beautiful woman and should drop him immediately, and move on with her life. I don't see what anyone sees in him, anyway.




Marriage is so past tense. Unless you're going to have children, why bother?


I never believed the relationship would last. Demi should have stuck with Bruce. I have never liked Ashton since his "Punked" show. I think he is cruel and heartless. I sincerely hope his time with "2-1/2 Men" is short. I won't watch it as long as he's on it. He certainly can't replace Sheen.

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