Rob Kardashian on Dancing With the Stars: I'm Gonna Win This Thing!

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Rob Kardashian is in it to win it.

Thought by many, including this website, to be one of the weaker celebrities on Dancing With the Stars this fall, he's going strong after two weeks.

After Rob danced the jive on Monday, Carrie Ann Inaba proclaimed that Rob is better than Kim Kardashian at dancing. He could have quit right there.

Turns out he's just getting started.

Rumored to be an aloof slacker and only doing DWTS because his mom made him, Rob is practicing harder than ever, working out more in the gym AFTER rehearsals, and even bringing partner Cheryl Burke lunch every day.

Looks like someone's trying to prove a point.

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Dream on lazy boy!


"Rumored Slacker?!" No! Bonafid Slacker!! Cmon grow a set of balls you whiny spoiled brat! At least your family works! You had plenty of opportunities to do so much-so many privileges that people don't ordinarily have, and you live with your sister and get an allowance! And you cAll Kim a slut! Yeah she's been around but at least her roster is celebrities, atheletes and musicians.. Yours are groupies! The best thing you had was Adrienne Ballion and you fucked that up! When are you gonna realize you are not a little kid brother anymore!? Go up and be a man!

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