Real Housewives of New York City Speak on Ousting

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Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop have all been sacked. Bravo cut these four women loose from The Real Housewives of New York City late last week.

While readers try to control their tears as a result of this development, a couple of the show's now-former stars have spoken out about the firing.

Cindy Barshop Photograph
Alex McCord & Simon Van Kempen

“I view any change as an opportunity to learn and grow," said Barshop profoundly. "RHONY was great marketing platform for my national spa Completely Bare, and as an ambassador for children’s charities I was able to create more awareness. There are additional projects that I am considering. Stay tuned.”

Oh, we will... NOT!

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen also took the opportunity to plug a product, telling Us Weekly:

"After four seasons on Real Housewives of New York City, Simon and I are moving on. It's a completely friendly departure and while it was their decision and not ours, we are in close communication with both Bravo and the production company about our next move, in addition to fielding outside offers.

"Simon and I recently launched a home goods company, Aluxe Home, and we've been so involved in the textile market week that began today that it feels a bit like being shot out of a cannon!"

Too bad they actually weren't.


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I'm so glad to hear kelly has been fired. Lets hope she gets the mental help she needs since she had her meltdown but tried to blame every body else. That fake can really dish it but says she is been bullied when people reply. Tried with beth but so glad she got shown to b totally unstable. Then got in with jill and tries blaming everything on ramona or sonja. Kellys kids must be so proud!not!


I have really enjoyed watching the show, here in England. I really like Jill, and I feel quite sad for Ramona... I wouldn't trust her husband as far as I could throw him!!...Alex turned out to be very sly and also not to be trusted..happy she's gone. I can't understand how they still socialise with each other, knowing the bitching and troublemaking that some of the women do against each other


I think that bravo should of axed Alex n Cindy if anyone!! jus as cindy is a bit boring and Alex cant shut up now lol! jill is my fav on the show and should of defo stayed on. I think they have got rid of the people who made that show what it is which is why i wont be watching it anymore, its quite sad as i love this show but jus dont think it will be worth watching anymore.


We are just catching up in England, and up to winter 2009/2010 I believe, so cannot comment on the new ones. Alex and Simon were the best on the show, second only to Ginger Zarin (the chihuahua). I will miss Ginger so much!!! Can she have a part in the show without her owner? I was beginning to warm to the childlike Kelly as well, who brought a refreshing air to the show. The other obnoxious ones are not missed. They might think they have class, but their rude manners and the way they treat each other let them down each episode. Funnily enough - their families were usually okay - and the dogs were nice!


Wish they had kicked Ramona to the kerb. She is a horrible drunk and her eyes look like she has way too many brow lifts. Everything is all about her. Remember what a bitch she was at Cindy's birthday party. Trying to concoct a drama with Cindy's brother because he once smoked a cigar given to him by the widow of a friend of Ramona's. What the hell has it got to do with Ramona - oh I forgot, everything is all about Ramona and her feelings and what she wants. Demanding her pino grigio the moment she arrived. Pino Grigio is about sums her up - it's a mutane clone of another grape. Ramona would have been the nasty girl at school, and now she has a national platform to show just how nasty she is. She needs to take a few lessons in civility. I think she would be a better person if she faced up to her alcoholism and got off the bottle. Does anyone else find Sonja's 'living the high life' lifestyle disgusting considering her financial postiiton. She's such a tramp.


Glad the mean (golden) girls are gone finally. They all needed to go except alex. If she wasnt cut after season one i figured she had a chance. Luann will probably leave after this season because she has no one to film with. Hope the new ladies are more entertaining which is why ramona and sonja stayed. They are comic relief.


I have to say i have mixed feelings about these broads being kicked to the curb. Lets be honest, the show was doomed from the second bethenny left. Kelly shouldve been seen for a psych eval back when bethanny was still on the show. Jill was a fave of mines early on but i think she tried to be something she wasnt and got caught up. Alex and simon brought comic relief back


Congrats Bravo for taking out the forgot some of the stinkiest garbage of all (need I name names? Okay!) Luanne 'where's my Adam's apple' DeLe'phony, Sonja 'i forgot my panties...again' Morgan, and Ramona 'anyone who does not live on the upper East side is doggie doo' Singler. If you are cleaning house, clean it like your mother-in-law is coming for a visit? ALL of the women became media hounds & just unbearable to watch. You had a cast of unknowns in the beginning and we watched...don't be afraid to start anew! Andy-show those droll, dare I call them...women, the door and give us viewers some 'real' interesting NY housewives to watch!


I can't believe you fired Jill and kept some of the others. You just lost a viewer for this show.


RHNYC = 'Clash of the Narcissists'; except for Betheny, of course,(that's why she's out-a-there) and Alex, who is having growing pains. Ramona, who is trying, shows some promise and Sonja, well Sonja is just Sonja; she doesn't seem narcissistic to me. She seems smart but just a little crazy in a wild sort of way...and I like that kind of crazy. As long as it isn't MY ass showing out there! Andy and Bravo know exactly what they are exposing. Things just got BEYOND palatable. Jill and obviously Kelly are total narcissists. Cindy is just no fun. LuAnn needs to start TRYING to see herself in the 'real world' like Ramona is or she'll be on the 'total' list as well. IMHO, of course!