Real Housewives of New York City Speak on Ousting

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Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop have all been sacked. Bravo cut these four women loose from The Real Housewives of New York City late last week.

While readers try to control their tears as a result of this development, a couple of the show's now-former stars have spoken out about the firing.

Cindy Barshop Photograph
Alex McCord & Simon Van Kempen

“I view any change as an opportunity to learn and grow," said Barshop profoundly. "RHONY was great marketing platform for my national spa Completely Bare, and as an ambassador for children’s charities I was able to create more awareness. There are additional projects that I am considering. Stay tuned.”

Oh, we will... NOT!

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen also took the opportunity to plug a product, telling Us Weekly:

"After four seasons on Real Housewives of New York City, Simon and I are moving on. It's a completely friendly departure and while it was their decision and not ours, we are in close communication with both Bravo and the production company about our next move, in addition to fielding outside offers.

"Simon and I recently launched a home goods company, Aluxe Home, and we've been so involved in the textile market week that began today that it feels a bit like being shot out of a cannon!"

Too bad they actually weren't.


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i watched this every day ive never known such rude ill mannered bullies they all need to spend more time with there kids and less being nasty to each other luanne sang money cant buy u class : her head was so far up her own arse she couldnt see in front of herself what a horrible woman totally in love with herself


Big mistake, huge mistake, getting rid of Jill - she made the show. As for Ramona and Sonja (I just love the way she pronounces her name as in Soneyer - that says it all) they're trashy,vulgar and 'needy' - I guess what you in the US would call 'trailer-park'. Ramona has deep-seated problems and it shows...Mario and drink to name but two. As for her hair - it looks like shredded wheat most of the time - with all that money she supposedly has you'd think she'd spend a few bob on getting her hair sorted. Shall certainly miss Kelly, the wise one. Not sure if I'll be watching the future series as all the fire crackers have gone - shame on you.


I have sat on my couch and cringed with disbelief at the bitchiness and fighting of these "ladies". I've even had to leave the room (ok, to get a cup of tea) when the embarrassment over their constant bickering/slandering got too much for me. Now it's over, I feel an emptiness..... god knows why. All the ladies had their good points (except perhaps Cindy who has a permanent scowl and brought nothing to the show) and I'm not about to bring myself down to their level and criticise. As for the countess, all I can say is that I live in France and nobody, however aristocratic they might be, uses their title unless it's in an official capacity (and births/death/marriage announcements!) There is a quaint french expression that says "elle pête plus haute que son cul" (ie she is farting higher than her arse)! I'm sure her hubby is absolutely mortified at all this attention (not to mention her poor kids). Not sure if my nerves will take another season!


We, in the UK, LOVE the show!Although I have never come across ladies like these on my trips to NY,I find them all very amusing. The only one who drives me bananas, is the incredibly thick Kelly.Poor thing seems to be living on another planet.LuAnn is very interesting.In Europe, the aristocracy never introduce themselves with their title.We use our titles in correspondence and others use it to announce our arrival at functions.It makes great viewing, but I do cringe at her snobbish behaviour, because I know she would not be accepted into London high society with that attitude.


total madness to get rid of any of these's their disgusting behavior that makes compulsive viewing. Bring bethenny back and what about the oc housewives maybe it's time 2 bring them back too.


Good Lord! Am I the only one that sees Bethany for the pathetic, manipulative "victim" she is. Yes, Jill had her faults and got a little caught up in her pseudo-fame, acting at times (a lot of times) inappropriately but I didn't see her as the bad guy in that situation at all. Alex, please she is rediculous.. All she does is contradict herself and she has such a false sense of importance, what model agency signed her...are they crazy! All she does is say how LuAnn thinks she is better than everybody else, but she is the worst of all. Ramona....don't get me word..trash! Sonja, how can anyone take that girl serious. Cindy and Kelly, not really worth my time. With all that being said, keeping Ramona and Sonja and getting rid of the people they had the most conflict with, I don't get it, let's face it why have a show? I won't be watching anymore!


I have watched and enjoyed all the episodes here in Scotland but can't believe the behaviour of these people. Is that really a reflecion on the people of New York? Obnoxious, rude, pretentious -I could go on. Good television though.


I like Jill goin to miss her, Alex and her creepy husband get in a box and put the lid on post yourself somewhere far away. As for romona and her double act you need to watch your friend with your husband that's what the fortune tellers for ha ha that's the other women nudge nudge


Ive grown to like Ramona and Alex. I still cant stand Jill, Luanne or Kelly. Having just seen Cindy having breakfast with Sonya and her antics with the conference call, as well as discussing it later, I cant warm to her either.


cant believe they have axed all the good ones we love the show in england dont think it will be the same ramona is a bitch get her out before she drinks her self to death bring the rest back plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllease xxxxxxxxxxxx