Ray J Wants to Profit Off Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sale

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Isn't it nice to have the Kim Kardashian sex tape back in the news?

A week after Vivid Entertainment Chairman Steve Hirsch said a mysterious buyer had contacted him about purchasing the basis for Kardashian's fame, the reality star's former lover/director has made it clear:

Go ahead and sell the rights, Vivid. Just give me a cut!

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, Uncut

In a letter from Ray J's attorney to Vivid, obtained by TMZ, the artist claims he "has partial copyright ownership in the video" and "any attempts to transfer the copyright outside of these parameters will result in filing a motion with the courts to seen an injunction of any sale until Ray J's rights are protected." 

Hilariously, in something that's not at all a negotiating ploy, the lawyer adds that Ray J's reputation has been damaged by the video and "no amount of money can relieve him from this nightmare."

Hmmm... but we thought Mr. J was not tripping over it?


on thing is for sure about this sex tape is that they both made it to sale it, cause i remember Ray J at the beginning of it saying "when your jacking off to this and you get in your zone go at it hard homie" lmao if that isn't proof enough then what is?


Wat Ray J did was bad but d Fault is on kim


Kim know wad she waz doing.u cant jst blame one


layed is spelled laid.spoilt should be spelled spoiled not spoilt. If you are going to criticize Kim's performance in bed when you weren't her partner, at least spell right. Did you ever stop to think she may not have been enjoying it?
That is a real possibility you know. And I am not interested in who does not agree with me.


RayJ should get nothing. perverts deserve nothing.


Ray J should get 90% of the money anybody that has seen the tape knows Ray J did all the work smh Kim layed there groaning like a silly spoilt brat she was useless Go Ray J get that money boy!!!


That say alot about Ray J it about money for him what if a child want know to how be man from him no respect that all....


That is the point. She has to live with the ramnifications of that tape so it is her own life, her own business. Constant criticism of her does not change that fact.


Hold up, its nobody business! Ok then, if its nobody business, why put out a sex tape for everybody to see it? It is sad that kim have to live with this mess for the rest of her life. But, it is all kim fault for putting out her own business.


Who cares of it was a plan or not?! That is none of anyone else's business ...

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