Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas: Getting Married on New Reality Show?

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Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are engaged. If you watched any of this summer's Big Brother, you probably heard about that a couple of thousand times.

Now half a million richer after being named the Big Brother 13 winner, the red menace is planning on moving to L.A. to marry and start a new life with her man ...

On a new reality show if at all possible. Surprised?

Rachel, Brendon on Big Brother

Villegas, as fans have also heard on a few hundred occasions, is currently getting his PhD at UCLA. Since he's situated there, Rachel is leaving Vegas behind.

Reilly's planning on using her winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment business, and plan her wedding to Buhhh-rendon.

According to sources, "planning her wedding" entails pitching it as a reality show to production companies and networks in hopes of having it comped. Holla.

If she could pull that off, it would be 10 times as impressive as beating out Adam and Porsche for the final HoH. Those floaters were drowning from the start.

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Don't like Rachel, but feel sorry for her. Obviously Brendon is an abuser. Treats her like a door mat and is only marrying her because she won the money. She is stupid for marrying him.


Rachel was always so Whiny, as my grandmother would say. If things didn't go her way, she would whine all of the way until she got what she wanted. I've never seen so many fake tears. Brendon must be getting used to her fakeness, since he has been cyber-sexing with another woman. It does take years to get a PhD, but how does he expect to ever get that degree if he take a semester of each year. If they want to marry, let them pay for it theirselves. I sure won't waste my time for more fake emotions, whining and stupid questions. Maybe Bridezilla will take Rachel, IF THEY EVER GET MARRIED!




I'm sorry Rachel but I never liked you. Jordan and Jeff have been my faves since day one. Butttttt you worked very hard in competitions to win the 2nd year so congrats. I really do not see what Brendon sees in you. I'm thinking maybe nope don't even have maybes. sorry kiddo but you actually scare me.


helloooooooooooooooo why is this not showingorryrachel but i never did like you


I hate rachel! Her voice is like a nail on a chakboard. She is so bratty. I hope she and brendon get divorecd,so she gets what she deserves! p.s.
shes ugly


I never liked Rachel before on last year big brother. I think towards the end she started to humble herself and I think Jordan rubbed off on her and they kind of balanced each other. It made Rachel nicer and Jordan a little more spoken. Good for both of them. I hope they show their wedding on TV. I would much rather watch their wedding then the snobbish Kardashians. Good luck Rachel and Brendon!!!!


Congrats to Rachel for winning BB13....you hands down deserved to win, regardless of what sourpuss Dani says. Talk about personal. I would watch the wedding if they aired it on CBS or another network.....congrats to Brendon and Rachel on their wedding and their life ahead.


Way to go Rachel! Congratulations on winning #BB13 I was for you all season and Brendon also. You go it girl and get your wedding paid for you earned it!


Way to go Rachel! Congratulations on winning #BB13 I was for you all season and Brendon also. Go go it girl and get your wedding paid for you earned it!