PTC Responds to X Factor Trou Drop: Come On!

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In the tradition of all singing competitions, The X Factor aired a few catastrophes this week, from those who cannot carry a tune to those who drop their pants in the middle of the stage.

Wait... what?!? Yes, Geo Godley bared almost all on Wednesday night, making Nicole Scherzinger scream and accomplishing something even more impressive: making Simon Cowell speechless.

The Parents Television Council does not find Godley's antics funny, however, and has called out Fox for airing such filth.

"If Godley performed his act in public, he would have been arrested," writes Tim Winter. "But if he performs it in front of a Fox camera, his act is beamed via the public airwaves into every home in the nation...

“Families were led to believe the ‘X Factor’ would be family-friendly programming and instead were assaulted by graphic nudity."

That's actually not true, Godley says, responding that he was donning a g-string and they "are legal."

In less silly news, how about a couple of the acts we witnessed this week?!? Watch Melanie Amaro and Caitlin Koch display their singing skills now!


He should have been fined and arrested. Remember the superbowl how they blackballed Janet Jackson for a wardrobe malfunction. She is a somebody. He is a nobody. Arrest this pervert. He knew he was airing his dirty laundry and filth of what he calls private parts.


I was watching this show with my 9 and 12 year old grandchildren and was outraged that the contestant was allowed to continue with his audition!!! He should have been arrested for indecent exposure! Paula was sickened by his behavior and yet he was allowed to remain on stage for his audition feedback!!
I felt very upset and disappointed that if there was knowledge of his possible behavior beforehand, he was yet allowed to audition before thousands of people in the audience and before the TV viewing public!!
Security or Police backstage should have taken him off the stage!

Victoria saunders

He should have been fined or arrested,,,what an ASS

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