Prince William, Kate Middleton Open Cancer Center

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Prince William and Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton) came together to open the new Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

The new facility is located in Sutton, Surrey, England.

Upon their arrival, the royally cute twosome was greeted by many spectators before they met with staff, key donors and fundraisers. "There was excitement amongst the children before the royal arrival," a source says.

Prince William, Duchess Catherine

The royal pair actually arrived separately to the dedication.

Because William, 29, was "on-call Wednesday night at RAF Valley and had two call outs," he didn't get a chance to sleep before the Oak Centre opening.

"He only finished at 10 a.m. Thursday and quickly got changed before he was flown over straight from the base to Surrey," where he met Kate, also 29.

Kate, who arrived with palace staff having stayed in London, "gently patted him on the back" when she heard about his sleepless night. How sweet.

For an alleged princess in turmoil, she sure looks happy here!



They looked so good together but they always do. It is so refeshing to see a royal couple so in love and not afraid to show it. I don't beleive have the garage that is written about them i.e. pregnant with twins, her being unhappy, and in turmoil. Also being under pressure, sure she might be under a little bit of pressure but that all comes with learning to be a royal. She has alot to learn and William is making sure that the Princess (or Duchess) is getting the training and the help she need's so she will not end up like is beloved mother Princess Di. Princess Catherine will do fine in what ever charties she decides to support, William will make sure of that. God bless them and I wish them the best in their marriage.

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