Prince Michael Jackson Makes Like Dad

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Donning a black suit, red shirt and red armband and conjuring up images of a certain music King, Prince Michael Jackson made quite an appearance Friday.

At the Tribute to Bambi charity event in Berlin, Michael's eldest child presented three manuscripts for some of his dad's biggest hits to be auctioned off.

For a good cause, the original lyrics and music to "Bad," "Billie Jean," and "Smooth Criminal" are now up for sale. Here's Prince Michael at the event:

Prince Michael Jackson Image
Prince Michael Jackson, Miriam Pielhau

Prince Michael poses with German actress Miriam Pielhau.

"With everything I do, I try to build on what my father did. I also try to help and change things - just like he did," the 14-year-old told the audience.

Bidding goes until November 10 at United Charity. Four hours after the auction opened, the manuscript for Michael's "Bad" was already at $20,400.

Proceeds will go to charities benefiting disadvantaged children.

Prince Michael Jackson is "an incredibly polite, well-raised young man," an attendee of the event said. "I think we can expect to hear more from him."

Just not right away. He's got normal teenage things to do. "I wish I could stay longer to see the sights," he said. "But I have to get back for school."

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Du! Like father,like poa ile mbaya!


I think prince michael was right! Maybe he needs to go back in school


Prince you're incredibly good looking, just like your father. His genes run all through your blood. Doing good works too, just like dad! You're awesome! Keep it up, but remember lots of people will envy you. Love it!


So not any of Michael's blood flowing thru this boys body. His parents had to be white!!! It will be amazing to see if he can sing and dance like a Michael....


Corista, who cares if they do not look like him. MJ raise those kids and that makes them HIS KIDS just like my step father raised me and I am HIS CHILD.


He's just growing up so quickly! Michael raised three wonderful, mature kids. BTW, @bustybabe, it doesn't matter anymore what you or anyone else thinks of the kids paternity. The fact that the kids are doing well, are healthy and seem to be quite poised and intelligent speaks much louder about Michael as a father than a DNA test ever could. Your desperate obsession with trying to talk crap about three innocent kids and their dad is really showing your true colors. I don't care if the kids are biological or not. They aren't adopted, that's for certain. No adoption papers. But Michael was their legal father, and he was the only man they'll ever call Dad. That's enough for me.


Prince is an incrediby mature, poised and caring young man - just like his father raised him to be. Michael was a wonderful father. Like father, like son.




Goodness me! Young Prince Michael sure looks handsome and looks like a good and clean young man who wants to be just like Dad. Keep up the good work Prince Michael, your Dad was sure a good man and I have been one of his fans for decades. School is important, you are correct there and when you finish your schooling you will go to higher and better places and I hope you will sing as well and write good lyrics like your Dad used to.
I wish you well in your future endevours. Best regards, Tino Laric from Johannesburg in South Africa.


michael would be so proud..

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