Patti Stanger Implies All Gay Men Are Sluts, Baffles Andy Cohen

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To think, we reported on how much Patti Stanger sucks earlier this morning before we even saw this interview clip, which is offensive on multiple levels:

  1. For her absurd, rampantly homophobic comments
  2. For the fact that this idiot is even quasi-famous

Appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night, she told a gay caller that monogamy is mostly for the straights. Seriously:

It got WORSE from there, leaving Cohen practically speechless.

Stanger told another gay male caller that she mistook him for being straight, and that this is a compliment, because, hey, "nobody wants a queen." Cringe.

She then proceeded to give advice on blow jobs and imply that Cohen himself is not in a relationship with now because he is gay and also has a good career.

Cue the press release from GLAAD in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...


MOBADTHANGOOD, I totally agree with you!!!


You go Pattie!
Tell it like it is and it is YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


To me, she was very insulting!..Im a straight married woman & she made me ill..telling the caller he's handesome thought he was straight! wtf is that! Andy Cohen is very good looking so are we to think only Gay men are ugly!!..some straight men are horrid looking..she's just not in touch with reality


This is funny.....


You have to seriously be LOOKING for something to hate about her to misconstrue her comments and the sentiment behind them...seriously. We have a lot bigger problems facing the gay community, can we focus on that instead of the "tongue in cheek" "with love and humor in her heart" cliches that Patty said last night...We need to be worried about American Politics, Gay Marriage, etc, etc....lighten up...


So Patti Skanker ... er ... Stanker ... er ... stanger? calls the kettle black and the pot blacker? Gays are All Queeny, Straights are All Handsome? She really widespread her legs and logic on that one. Why is this over-the-hill, so last year, performer still getting mileage from these fallatious fellatios for her selfish ego?