Paramedics to Dr. Conrad Murray: Way to Not Call 911 Immediately!

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A paramedic who rushed to save Michael Jackson's life on June 25, 2009, said that if Dr. Conrad Murray called 911 sooner, EMTs might have had a chance.

Richard Senneff said that on that day, Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress - a claim others have disputed at length.

Yesterday, bodyguard Alberto Alvarez testified that the Michael Jackson 911 call - which he placed - came well after Murray discovered Jackson unresponsive.

According to the police, the delay was at least 20 minutes.

Dr. Conrad Murray on Trial

The case against Jackson's doctor is looking pretty strong at the moment.

Senneff said that if Dr. Murray called earlier, there was a good chance EMT's could have restarted Michael Jackson's heart. But alas, we'll never know now.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter, Murray's defense theory is going to have to be pretty compelling to overcome the state's evidence at this point.

Other key points of the paramedic's testimony Friday:

  • The 911 call came in at 12:22 p.m. Seneff arrived four minutes later.
  • When he walked into the room, he saw Murray, Jackson and Alvarez.
  • Michael Jackson was wearing pajamas and seemed underweight.
  • MJ was being moved to the floor by a "frantic" Dr. Conrad Murray.
  • Seneff noticed an IV stand with an IV bag hanging on it. He asked Murray what MJ's underlying condition was three times before Murray answered.
  • Murray responded that there was no underlying health condition. Given the IV stand in the room and other equipment, this made no sense.

Dr. Conrad Murray ...


he was to busy cleaning up his mess to call 9-11


I agree with shellye, I don't think his intention was to kill him. However I do by all means think he was very negligent towards MJ and his over all mental and physical condition. He acted inappropriatley and he KNOWS it. He KNOWS he screwed up and he couldve done better such as consider the drugs and amount he was giving him, be careful about not leaving him unattended, not leaving drugs easily accesible to MJ, and most importantley, HAVING CALLED 911 imediatley!! The delay? What for? Perhaps he was spending those last minutes of his life hiding EVIDENCE of his NEGLIGENCE. So truthfully as it is evident, he is very responsible, guilty, of his death.


I don't think he did it intentionally but the mistakes he made caused a person their life it is what it is and now it should cost him his license and time in jail.


i dont think his doc was trying to kill him. I def. think he was trying to hide some things.

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