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In a new ABC interview, Marc Anthony says he and Jennifer Lopez made a joint decision to divorce and, no, he did not have an affair.

But a source tells Us Weekly the singer/actor did have have "inappropriate relationship" with HawthoRNe co-star Jada Pinkett Smith, somewhat confirming previous reports that linked this pair together romantically.

HawthoRNe Co-Stars

"They were a little touchy and like they were in their own little world," an on-set insider says, claiming Smith and Anthony often hung out alone in his trailer, while talking and texting often.

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Let's give Kim Kardashian credit: she didn't make any indirect reference to the Ku Klux Klan in her latest ad campaign.

Following the PR debacle that was her and her siblings' Kardashian Kollection press release, the reality star is focusing on what she does best: showing off cleavage.

Check out Kim's new promotional photo her new fragrance, Gold. It pretty much sums up the basis for her fame, doesn't it?

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Ad

Kim says the perfume makes her feel "sexy," which we believe is what Ray J said soon after giving it to Kardashian on video.

The fragrance, meanwhile, combines grapefruit with pink peppercorn and... look, if you actually purchase this item, you might as well go straight from the department store to a psychologist's couch. You need help.

NOTE: We've made it easy to purchase some Kim Kardashian perfume via THG!

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When is a history lesson also an engrossing time at the movies? When you go to see The Debt.

The unique film is set in two different eras, the 1960s and the 1990s, with two different stars playing each character: Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain take on Rachel; Sam Worthington and Ciaran Hinds share David; while Tom Wilkinson and Marton Csokas both portray Stephan.

According to our friends at Movie Fanatic, the drama crosses generations and shows "the lengths to which a nation will go to achieve righteousness, or even the subconscious feeling of justice." Want more?

Read the full review of The Debt now!

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No one can ever accuse America's Got Talent of catering to just one demographic.

During the same results show that featured Susan Boyle debuting a song off her new album, Nicki Minaj Flo Rida and David Guetta took to the stage for an energetic rendition of "Where Dem Girls At."

Minaj is coming off an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards and a duet on "Super Bass" with Taylor Swift. Check out her latest performance now:

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Talk about the wrong place for a California King Bed.

After her house took on serious water, Rihanna is suing a real estate company, property inspector and the former owner of the property she bought in Beverly Hills.

She claims that those involved with the sale failed to inform her that the residence was "laden with construction defects" that ultimately resulted in water damage.

And that's no place for a California king bed.

Rihanna Singing Live

Before she closed on it in 2009, LaRocca Inspection Associates found a number of issues, including cracks in exterior walls and drainage problems on the roof that could make the house susceptible to water damage, according to the lawsuit.

Rihanna still wanted the house, so she drew up a request for repairs for the owner, the suit states. Upon inspection, LaRocca declared the house "serviceable."

Well, according to the singer's attorneys ... it was not.

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Pretty Little Liars left viewers hanging with a summer finale this week that concluded with the girls in serious trouble.

Yes, fans will need to wait until January for answers - did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison? What did Jason find in his house? - but ABC Family will deliver a Halloween treat on October 19. Tune in on that date for "The First Secret," a special look back to the very first game A played.

The episode won't factor in to current storylines, but it should still be a can't-miss for loyal fans. Check out the official trailer below and then visit TV Fanatic's section of Pretty Little Liars spoilers.

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Taylor Lautner might be a little too modest.

In the latest issue of VMAN, the dreamy actor doesn't take any credit for the mammoth success of The Twilight Saga, instead telling the magazine:

"It's definitely these characters we are playing. [Fans] are in love with Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. They feel like they know them. We are just lucky enough to be playing them."

  • Taylor Lautner VMAN Cover
  • Taylor Lautner in VMAN

Stare all you'd like, ladies. He's not going anywhere.

True, but it's possible the looks and the talent of Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play some role.

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The season two premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will go ahead as planned next week, with Bravo taking a few moments to address the suicide of Russell Armstrong prior to airing a re-edited version of the episode.

How does this decision sit with Russell's mother, John Ann Hotchkiss? Not too well.

Russell and Taylor Armstrong

"When I was informed of this, I thought, 'I hope Bravo will take the high road and keep it tasteful,'" Hotchkiss said in a statement to HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell. "Let's not murder my son twice."

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Chris Brown is surprised, impressed and eternally grateful to the female fan who somehow returned the $22,000 Rolex he lost during his acrobatic VMA routine.

The singer's performance was so energetic, the crowd erupted (everyone except Jay-Z at least). But Brown inadvertently flung his watch into the seats.

Chris' bodyguard went looking for it afterward, and shockingly, someone turned it in. Now Chris wants to reward that honest fan with the VIP treatment!

The watch apparently got lost within the first minute of his routine.

Brown's rep said that unfortunately, Chris' bodyguard didn't get the name of the girl who returned the watch, but are hoping she will now contact them.

Chris wants to personally thank and express his gratitude for her returning the piece with some tickets and backstage passes to his new "F.A.M.E." tour.

Sometimes, it pays to be honest. And a member of Team Breezy.

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Justin Bieber uses Twitter to keep in close touch with his fans.

But has a post on that social networking site now gotten the young singer in big trouble?

Hanging His Cute Head

Moments before Bieber's Ferrari crashed into a Honda Civic on Tuesday, House of Pain member Everlast sent out the following Tweet: "I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way."

Street racing in Los Angeles is both illegal and dangerous, but, far more importantly: House of Pain member Everlast is still alive?!? That's good to know.

We'll keep readers apprised on whether or not Bieber faces a penalty for his actions. In the meantime, just jump around.


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