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Milton Bradley, a former outfielder who played for seven teams over 12 seasons and was known as much for his volatile temper as for his career OBP of .364, was arrested yesterday.

Milton Bradley Card

As detailed by TMZ, Bradley's wife called 911 around 2 p.m. from Los Angeles and said her husband was chasing her around with a baseball bat. The 33-year old slugger - who was arrested in January for a separate domestic violence act - was subsequently taken into custody and booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

He was released from jail later that night on $30,000 bail.

In 2007, Bradley tore his ACL during an argument with an umpire. He missed the rest of the season.

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In day two of the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, Michael Jackson's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams took the stand to describe panicked voicemail Murray left on Williams' phone the day Jackson died.

The key points from Williams' testimony:

Michael Amir Williams Picture
  • Jackson's final rehearsal, on June 24, 2009, was "amazing."
  • The following day, Williams received a panicked message from Murray at 12:13 p.m. saying, "call me right away." Murray told Williams that MJ had some sort of "bad reaction" and to "get somebody here immediately."
  • Williams arrived to see MJ on a gurney and Murray "frantic."
  • After learning of Michael's death, Murray asked Williams to take him to Jackson's home to get "some cream Michael wouldn't want the world to know about."
  • Williams and MJ's director of security decided not to do this.
  • It was "normal" to have oxygen tanks in MJ's house.

It's unclear whether his testimony will help or hurt Murray's controversial defense theory that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol.

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The most annoying celebrity on the planet is late, folks. For her next red carpet appearance? No.

“She was supposed to get her period and didn’t," a source close to Kim Kardashian (VERY close to Kim Kardashian, apparently) tells OK! Weekly.

Baby Time for Kim?

Of course, nowhere on this cover does it actually say Kim is pregnant, just that it's "baby time," a child is "on the way" and that the reality star is "showing already." If Kardashian were actually knocked up, the Internet would have exploded hours ago.

“Kim always thought she’d have several kids by age 30, so in her mind she’s behind schedule," an insider tells the tabloid. “Kim’s been going through all the K names. She even has a baby-name book and looks up the meaning of each one.”

Considering the family into which this kid will be born, permit us a suggestion: klusterfuck. Kim, you can call us for the meaning of that one.

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

What did The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev say to Joe Jonas and vice versa? That's not a joke, we're asking you to tell us the answer based on this photo!

All you have to do to play is click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s). Go to it! We will announce a winner Thursday. Best of luck, all ...

Nina Dobrev and Joe Jonas

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Snooki really needs to eat something besides Deena's face.

The Jersey Shore star has shed several dress sizes recently, barely resembling her Season 1 self (save for the orange spray tan and skanky antics, obvi).

Check out these Snooki pictures from 2009 and last week:

  • Nicole Polizzi Photo
  • Snooki: Too Skinny

The vertically and intellectually challenged Jersey girl swears by Zantrex-3 Fat Burner (about as healthy as QuickTrim) and has been working out.

She has dropped over 15 pounds from her petite 4’ 9” frame, which has left her looking like a different, though still ridiculously dressed person.

Apparently it's been a well-received change. She Tweeted Tuesday:

“LOL so some girl comes up to me n goes ‘you look like one of those girls from the jersey shows, but you look better.’ Uhm thanks? Lmao,”

What do you think? Does Snooki look better or worse with the extra 15 lbs.?

More importantly, if you're a guy (or Deena), would you ... y'know?!


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Has Demi Moore finally had it with what one source deems to be Ashton Kutcher's "serial" cheating?

A new Star Magazine cover story claims this couple is headed for divorce because the Two and a Half Men star couldn't keep it in his pants again, this time hooking up with a 23-year old named Sara Leal on September 23rd  - a day before his sixth wedding anniversary, which he and Moore did not spend together - at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight

Are there tears behind this laughter?

The pair allegedly met at a nightclub, with a friend of the mistress telling Radar Online that Leal was due to meet with an attorney last night and is "freaking out" over the situation.

“It was definitely a long time coming, but they’re finally done for good,” an insider told Star. “Ashton was a serial cheater, and Demi just couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t deserve to live that way. It’s a painful time for Demi.”

And for Chuck Lorre. This rumor is just what the Two and a Half Men creator needs!

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Is The Real Housewives of New Jersey following in the pink slip-covered footsteps of its Bravo brethren?

A week after The Real Housewives of New York City gave the boot to multiple stars, Radar Online cites an advertisement that implies at least one member of the New Jersey cast will also be headed out the door.

All the The Real Housewives of New Jersey

A new casting notice is floating out there that seeks “a few FABULOUS WOMEN to join our cast as they live their glamorous lives in Northern New Jersey," while phone calls have allegedly been placed to “Housewife worthy women."

So, who might be on the way out? Teresa Giudice is rumored to be featured on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, though this doesn't mean she can't continue to film the RHONJ.

Who do you want to see fired from the show?


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The season's second Dancing with the Stars results show dealt viewers somewhat of a surprise when it was revealed that Elisabetta Canalis was ousted.

George Clooney's ex isn't complaining or making excuses, though.

"Maybe dance isn't my thing. I'm not going to lie," the Italian actress told People backstage after being eliminated Tuesday night. "This show was challenging for me because I had to learn how to ballroom dance."

"I've never done it before. I hope to have learned something."

Elisabetta Canalis, Val Chmerkovskiy

Canalis' partner Val Chmerkovskiy stood tall by his prótége.

"There are a challenges for everybody," he said, chalking the loss up to her unfamiliarity. "There were huge challenges for her. We're a proud nation."

"We're a welcoming nation, but [Americans] have our idols and our own fan base. This show is about people and fans. We can't compete with that."

"Yesterday, we did [well]," he said. "But unfortunately they gave our score to five other couples. That killed all of our chances [of staying on the show]."

At least she can go out knowing that her best routine was her last, even if she only did two. Here's what turned out to be her final performance:

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Tyrese claims he was kicked out of a radio station in Delaware where he gave an interview yesterday because he ranted about liquor stores - in a positive way!

Invited on the show to promote his album, Tyrese made a comment about how liquor stores should not be allowed near schools, having just seen such a case.

"Get them cats out of here ... selling alcohol across from your kids school, homie. You gotta know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood," he said.

Tyrese Image

But when the show went to commercial, Tyrese was asked to leave the building because the station said he was "disrespecting" the Delaware community.

After the incident, Tyrese tweeted:

"I just kicked out of a radio station frm a [program director] who had a problem w/ me speaking on liquor stores that are by elementary schools in Delaware."

"If you don't STAND for something.. You will damn near fall for Anything."

Amen, homie.

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Chalk it up to East Coast bias? Not enough coffee? Sleeping through 9th grade geography?

Whatever the reason, the press corps traveling with President Obama on a campaign swing out west this week were given a map identifying Wyoming as Colorado.

The two rectangular states do look similar, but come on. Colorado is not only crucial to Obama's re-election, it's where he gave his '08 convention speech. Weak!

Colorado vs. Wyoming

Obama's three-day swing took him to Washington, California and Colorado, where he held public events and private fundraisers for his 2012 re-election bid.

Tuesday in Denver, an audience saw a speech on Obama's jobs program.

The larger point of the trip was to help Obama reconnect with voters and gain media coverage in Colorado, which is expected to be a swing state in 2012.

As for Wyoming, Obama lost by 32 PERCENT to John McCain in '08. Maybe subconsciously he blocked that out and forgot the state exists, resulting in this error.

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