Octomom Faces Foreclosure, Puts Octocrib on Market

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Nadya Suleman is looking for a new place to live.

Hard-working citizens who live next to mid-range Orange County, Calif., homes with For Sale signs out front are collectively shivering as we write this.

Octomom has apparently HAD IT with vindictive neighbors, endless California mortgage woes and so on, so she's looking for a fresh start, and soon.

Sexy Nadya Suleman

Hopefully her new crib has a pole. It just fits.

As usual, Suleman hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore. Foreclosure is scheduled for next week.

She simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments, given that the place just sucks and has fallen into a state of disrepair (apparently).

Also, she has no source of income (never helpful). With 14 kids in private school and 0 jobs, the math just doesn't work out for her these days.

Nads is going to try to sell the home before the bank seizes it. If she fails, eh, whatever, Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there and pronto.

Credit score, schmedit score, right? What are a couple of financial blemishes when you're already covered in childbirth scars, are we right people?

The place was appraised for $500,000. Not bad, but the bad news? She owes $450,000-plus. Take out commissions and closing costs and bam. Nada.

Here's a little tour of the place where so many memories were made, back when Octomom first had her eight bundles of joy back in '09 ...

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When you say the house is in disrepair you are not kidding. I saw a video of the damage that has been done to that beautiful home, there are holes in the doors and in the walls. The kids have used the walls as coloring books and not once has she cleaned them because you can tell by crayon marks over crayon marks windows in the back of the house are broken too. This house looks just like her moms did when it was foreclosed on, so no matter where Octomom moves to, the kids are going to damage the homes that they live in. I guess she has a hard time saying "NO" to them.


Octomom needs supervision herself. She is incapable of making serious, adult decisions. Maybe she's ok with which brand of diaper to buy, but having 16 kids in private school, when 8 are under 2, your home is being forclosed, you have no job or prospect of a job (just so she can have 'me time') is insane and irresponsible. She needs a 'keeper', and I don't mean some guy with a video camera and an X-rated script!


Nadya made her bed and she should lay in it. She is a freak of nature.


skylark211, we live in a country in which tragedy needs to unfold for some people in order for them to get the point. It's unfortunate, but 100% true. CPS doesn't care. The public doesn't care. This gal is gonna do something drastic and, hopefully, only to herself.


ms.DeNise, clearly you are retarded. Oprah shouldn't pay for Toxo's house. Suze Orman shouldn't pay for Toxo's house. NO ONE should pay for Toxo's fancy house-- except for Toxo herself. Of course, that would mean giving up those kids she never wanted in the first place, and getting a real job, something she hasn't thought of doing ever (whoring oneself on TV is not a job-- sorry). She's gonna need luck now, BIG TIME. No more sucking on the teat of society, Nutso.


Oprah had her on her show diclosing her financial business to everyone.
Why did'nt she pay off her house for her? crockettprivateduty@yahoo.com


She's defenseless/unstable and you're calling her names:)OMG!


Whatever happened to compassion? It's easy to call someone trash. I don't understand how someone can do that. Have you ever heard of Karma? What a classy/intelligent thing to say about another human being.


Octoho thrives on the attention. This is how she makes her living. The day the paps and the public ignore her will be the day she sees her last paycheck. Quit defending the indefensible. She's trash, plain and simple and her children are feral, thanks to her lack of parenting.


For Christ sake! Leave this women alone. You won't be happy until you drive her to do something desperate/crazy. She needs therapy. She doesn't need to be pushed to the breaking point. Why don't you try to do something to help her (and I don't mean by giving her money that I don't think she's capable of handling.) instead of making fun of someone who is obviously unstable WITH 14 CHILDREN WHO SHE'S TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF.)


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