Nick Voss Gets in "Trouble" on The X Factor

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Nick Voss really needs The X Factor to pay off for him. Literally.

This 21-year old auditioned for the new Fox competition last night, shortly after sharing his story with viewers. It involves a large family, a small house, a hard-working mother and the fact that Voss was fired from his job for leaving to perform on the show.

Was it a worthwhile risk for the young man who says music is his life? Watch his cover of the Elvis track "Trouble" below and decide for yourself:


Nick Voss from the first season of X-Factor just put out 3 singles and i have to admit they are pretty damn good i was impressed. I love when reality shows get it wrong


Nick Voss is a STAR!!!! He is original his voice is remembered by thousands of fans so far. He deserves to win because when he performes he is emotional and I feel it.


I Love Nick Voss , Oh Yes He Reminds Me Of Handsome Elvis ,But Also James Dean !!! He Is An Original , His Voice , Is Like No Other, He Is One Of A Kind Just Like Adam Lambert !! I Hope This Young Man Wins This Whole Thing. & He's A Mamas Boy ,I Love That Too . Go Nick


Ok, he's Elvis meets Jonathan Rhys Myers. Enjoy his dancing, but his voice is a bit weak. Someone posted comments on other site, reassuring that he (Nick) is better than the audition, I'm just wondering why he didn't bring the "better" version with him. BTW, as much as I love Paula, she needs to stop wearing the strapless dresses altogether. Her dress shifted every which way she turns. I'm not getting use to Nicole yet. She came off as phony to me. L.A. Reed, well, I'm so glad he didn't use words such, "dawg, yo yo yo, and man" Nice change. Simon is still my favorite Judge. His words are harsh, but he really is a softy inside.

@ Annia

some people just need more time developing their craft. Madonna was turned down for the movie fame and the tv series that followed because they felt her vocals weren't good enough go figure
. Nick Voss just released 3 singles this month and i have to admit they are really good check them out.