Morgan Freeman on Tea Party Members: RACISTS!

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To say Morgan Freeman is not a fan of the Tea Party movement would be putting it mildly. In an interview on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Freeman labels Tea Partiers radicals whose sole aim is to oust President Obama from office.

"But it's not a racist thing?" asked Morgan.

"It is a racist thing," replied Freeman.

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"Their publicly stated policy is to do whatever it takes to see that Obama serves only one term. What underlies that? Screw the country," Freeman lamented.

"We're going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here."

"We're supposed to be better than that. It shows the weak, dark underside of America," said the Oscar-winner of those "controlling the Republican Party."

There are plenty of racists out there, but the whole Tea Party? We'd be more concerned that these people think hurricanes result from God judging gays.

What do you think? Is the Tea Party racist?


That is ridiculous and now I have lost all respect for Mr. Freeman. The reason we want Barack Hussien Obama out of office is because of his policies. Point being many of us would vote for Mr. Kane or Mr. Allen if they happened to make it that far.


Obama came in to clean up the former presidets mess.He has to stay in office another term. He will do the same good job like President Clinton did. Have Faith like Luciano says in his aong.

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