Mitch Winehouse Won't Speak to Blake Fielder-Civil

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While he wouldn't overtly put the blame on Blake Fielder-Civil (even though he basically already has), Amy Winehouse's father says he was "killing" her.

On Piers Morgan Tonight, Mitch Winehouse reflected again on the notorious druggie best known for introducing Amy Winehouse to cocaine and heroin.

He feels blaming Blake would be "stupid," but he did warn him that after what he's been through with his daughter, he wants nothing to do with him now.

Mitch With Amy Winehouse

Mitch explained that Blake Fielder-Civil, who is currently in jail for assault, and his mother have told media reports that they have tried to contact him.

Nothing of the sort has taken place, and he'd hang up if it did.

"His mother says that Blake's been trying to get in touch with me, but none of them have gotten in touch with me. Not that I'm not interested in them."

"I won't talk to him. I'm not interested," Mitch adds. "I'm not interested in his family. I'm not interested in him. We don't want their help with the foundation. We would be a laughingstock if we recruited him into the foundation."

The foundation Mitch is referring to is the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is set to officially launch today, and aims to support organizations that help young people, the vulnerable ones who need it most, with addictions.

On a less depressing note, take a look at this clip of Mitch remembering a positive story about Amy, who would have been 28 years old today ...


The reason Mitch Winehouse blames Fieder-Civil for Amy's early demise is that F-C was the one, and of his own admission, who introduced Amy to Cocaine and Heroin, which massively damaged her health. Previously she wasn't a user of either. It wasn't a loving thing to do and it wasn't a kind thing to do since Amy at that time already had an ongoing battle with alcohol. She had an addictive personality and only a half-wit could fail to see that. I totally understand why Mitch Winehouse wants nothing to do with F-C.


All those STUPID accusations against Fielder-Civil are simply stupid and irrational. You CANNOT make a person to become a drugie or an alkoholic if that person HIMSELF doesn't want to. I personally have known some alkoholics for many years but I'm NOT the one. Why? BECAUSE i DO NOT WANT to become one. When/ Amy died, Fielder was spendong tume in prison. HOW? can he be responsible for ANYTHING? She HERSELF! was responsible for her fate, NOBODY ELSE! Tell me, why am I! not an alcoholic when some of my close friends are the ones? Can you tell me? I DO NOT WANT! TO BECOME an alcoholic myself. STOP! blaming Blake. STOP! making him a scape goat!


lets face it, blake isn't going to live a long life either

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