Miley Cyrus to Prestige: I'm Not a Bad Girl!

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Having been on an international tour, Miley Cyrus has remained relatively quiet all summer, mostly letting a new tattoo do the talking for her.

But the singer speaks out in the September issue of Prestige and doesn't hold back with a statement on the cover: I'm not a bad girl, she claims, while sporting a new haircut and nary a bra:

Miley Cyrus Presting Cover Photo

Cyrus also touches on her career, saying of the film So Undercover: “I’ve got kind of a weird, dark sense of humor, really dry humor, so I would love to do more comedies. But not the comedies that people have seen me in. There’s a comedy that I’m working on now and it’s something a little darker.”

Click on the photos below, meanwhile, to enlarge shots of Miley in Prestige. In one, she wears feathers, high heels some kind of bikini; on another, she holds a dog and spray a hose.

  • Miley Cyrus in Prestige
  • Pretty in Prestige
  • Miley Cyrus in Feathers
  • An Intense Stare from Miley
  • Spraying Her Hose
  • Miley Cyrus for Prestige
  • Miley Cyrus in Black
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i love milez new look... the bangs look stunning and sexy n classy.... :))) i love all her dresses and all the pics.. but my fav are the ones near the piano, near the pool, with the big black hat,, and the one in black.. :))) gr888888......


I think Miley looks beautiful and don't say anything about the outfits cuz demi wore some sluty outfit on the vma's and no said anything, am not saying she is cuz i really like Demi, but am useing her dress as an example.


l'm a huge fan,of the Amazing,Super Talented Miley.Well said Brenda for standing up for miley.To me,Miley is the most Beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.You lot that are always finding fault with her,are just jealous.You know you will never be as beautiful,& talented as her,so to make yourselves feel gd,you need to find fault with her.So all l can say to you ppl,is just leave her alone,& get a life.Love you miles.
Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.


WOW! That one word says it all.


She actually IS 18, bro. Her hair kind of looks like a wig in these pictures to me, which is not a good thing... lol


She looks beautiful I like it.


Love her hair style and love all the outfits but the red satin dress i saw j.lo with it and it suited her more cos it`s bit grown ups that dress


I think all these people that want to knock what she wears need to SHUT UP! She is a beautiful young woman and she is showing off that beauty. Leave her alone. She does it tastefully, it is all covered, and she looks nice. She is young, let her BE young and enjoy herself and stop with the what is and what is not appropriate crap. I'm 50 and I still wear mini skirts. Not age appropriate? Tough.


Most teens do a lot of things they shouldn't do as they try to figure out who they are. Drinking, sex, partying can be a part of that. As parents all we can do is try to guide them and give them a sense of values and morals. We also have to sit back and let them make their mistakes and suffer the consequences, like drinking and having a horrible hangover. All this being said, most teens get to do this with only a handful of people knowing about it. Unfortunately, Miley is doing it all in front of the whole world. It's unfair to expect her to be a role model to pre-teens because she's at an entirely different time in her life than they are. She's an adult now and she should be accountable for what she does as an adult and not as a teen.


U so stupid she didnt quit hannah monatna they had to kick them out becuase their 18 after dat age they can't work in disney channel !!!!!!! Nd she is pretty nd why do u care if she's a bad gurl its her life!