Michael Jackson 911 Call Played in Court; Bodyguard Says Dr. Conrad Murray Hid Propofol

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Michael Jackson's security guard Alberto Alvarez testified in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today, recalling that fateful day in 2009.

Alvarez was the one who called 911 after Jackson's vital signs fell. The 911 call is included below. But his testimony delved into much more than that.

Murray asked Alberto Alvarez to remove several vials of Propofol before he called an ambulance on June 25, 2009, according to the witness' tesitmony.

Alvarez claims he quickly arrived at the scene and saw Murray performing one-handed chest compressions on Michael Jackson, who was still in the bed.

According to Alvarez, Murray immediately asked him to pack up several vials and an IV bag - one that contained a vial with a "milky white substance."

Murray THEN asked Alvarez to call 911, at which point the dispatcher ordered him to move the singer from the bed to the floor in order to perform CPR.

According to Alvarez, paramedics arrived soon after. He was grilled on the timeline of these key events by Murray's lawyer, but he remained steadfast.

Murray's defense hinges on the theory that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol while the physician was (briefly) out of the room.

They have to try something. Your take? Dr. Conrad Murray is ...


Let's be honest here folks.if you love your kids, why would you be doing drugs? Michael Jackson was not depressed and he knew what he was getting into.Doctor Murray should come clean and just admit he fell asleep and say that he didn't mean to kill Muchael Jackson.Doctor Murray should also throw himself at the mercy of the court and ask to be made a star witness against the AEG the concert promoter that was going to pay him a $100,000 a month to provide his " services " to Michael Jackson..Remember Michael Jackson passed a physical given to him by AEG before the tour .How did Michael pass a physical with his arms full of needle marks? Michael jackson's kids could own AEG by the time it's all said and done.


RIP Michael.... I hope someone makes your last wish reality!
The Michael Jackson Childrens Hospital
Any Doctor who administers or gives access to a controlled substance for an extended length of time knowing their patient has developed an addiction should be held accountable if that person dies from the drugs they perscribed. A Doctor who continues to supply drugs to someone with an addiction is just a drug dealer in a suit.


Um, Im not even a doctor and I know youre not supposed to give CPR in a bed. The mattress doesn't provide enough resistance against the hand and the compressions are useless. Thats why the 911 operator told him to get him on the floor. Wtf was he thinking???


there is no way mj was killing himself,why would he does that when his concert is the next day??! DR.CONRAD MURRAY YOU ARE A MURDERER!


Anybody in there right mind know that M.J ( DID NOT)commite suicide. Dr. GREEDY Conrad Murray, is Guilty of MURDER not manslaughter and he needs to go down...


Of course Michael didn't kill himself this is bullshytt! Wouldn't Murray have said that in the beginning? This is just crap recently made up to cover his guilty ass. Btw Murray said that MJ was doing fine both mentally and physically. Also he said MJ instead for him to help him sleep so he could be ready for the tour. With this said, 1. A mentally well person does NOT commit suicide. 2. Obviously MJ cared about his music and fans as usual because he has always adored his fans since he wanted to be well rested for his tour. 3. I'm pretty sure MJ LOVED his
kids. Now why the hell would he take away his life? "Chuks" your just as pathetic as that "doctor".
Rest in peace MJ, you will always be loved by millions.

Victoria saunders

I don't think anyone is guilty, there is negligance on both party's being a person who has used medical drugs to keep pain away, I too can understand how you need it to function, then you need to sleep too, I really think that this was an accident, none was to blame, the Dr. should loose his license, pay a fine and also forced to retire, I don't think he killed Michael, who knows how many pills Michael took in desperation to kill his pain or his needed sleep, no, NO, I do not believe Michael intended this to happen, it was an unfortunate, and I mean UNFORTUNATE accident..I still love Michael, and cry alot when I hear his music..


you think michael took his own life! are you stupid, he loved his children! This so called Doctor needs to burn in Hell for what he did to michael, his children, his family and his fans!


I do not believe that Michael Jackson committed suicide. He loved his children and was getting ready to go on world tour and was about to purchase a mansion for his kids. Yes I believe he was tired but kill himself no. It's a shame because in reality he was a child that never really grew up! He is gone but not forgotten and there will never be another. In reality GOD knows all and sees all. I just pray that he had time to ask the LORD to come into his life and make him his LORD and savior. Peace.


STFU chuks kuzz ya sound STUPID...that muthfucka DID IT!!!!

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