Michael Jackson 911 Call Played in Court; Bodyguard Says Dr. Conrad Murray Hid Propofol

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Michael Jackson's security guard Alberto Alvarez testified in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today, recalling that fateful day in 2009.

Alvarez was the one who called 911 after Jackson's vital signs fell. The 911 call is included below. But his testimony delved into much more than that.

Murray asked Alberto Alvarez to remove several vials of Propofol before he called an ambulance on June 25, 2009, according to the witness' tesitmony.

Alvarez claims he quickly arrived at the scene and saw Murray performing one-handed chest compressions on Michael Jackson, who was still in the bed.

According to Alvarez, Murray immediately asked him to pack up several vials and an IV bag - one that contained a vial with a "milky white substance."

Murray THEN asked Alvarez to call 911, at which point the dispatcher ordered him to move the singer from the bed to the floor in order to perform CPR.

According to Alvarez, paramedics arrived soon after. He was grilled on the timeline of these key events by Murray's lawyer, but he remained steadfast.

Murray's defense hinges on the theory that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol while the physician was (briefly) out of the room.

They have to try something. Your take? Dr. Conrad Murray is ...


I look at it like this...that Conrad dude is obviously VERY GUILTY!!! With that said, just solve the damn case ALREADY and let Michael Jackson Rest In Peace!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!


It doesn't matter if MJ took med's himself while in bed or not. The "DR" was in charge and using medicine he shouldn't have been. GUILTY End of story.


Dr. Murray is guilty of murder. He is Dr. Killer. How dare him took a life. I will alway miss Michael Jackson.


Dunno if his intent was to kill MJ, but I believe through some act of the doctor's, MJ died. There'd be little sense in killing a cash cow like MJ unless one was going to receive part of there estate which this doctor surely wouldn't, but that wouldn't excuse the fact that some act of this doctor's did so.


Ge's guilty!! No more needs to be said.


Dr. Murray is guilty of giving Michael the FATAL dose. NO WAY MJ did that to himself! That's why he hired Murray!


Who takes the time to try to get rid of the evidence instead of calling 911 and giving MJ one handed CPR?.I can't understand why MJ staff listened to Conrad and why the chef went to MJ son instead of calling 911?.


yes polly, and also what is a one handed chest compression all about???


Have to agree with Michael except that Murray was not qualified to nor should he have administered the drug OUTSIDE THE OR in the first place. Perhaps that's a given now...BUT as Polly said, and I AM an RN, he should have known that you don't do BASIC CPR, let alone ACLS, on a bed AND you don't use ONLY ONE HAND TO DO IT, as the body-guard testified to seeing today. Murray - I refuse to call him doctor, is clueless and wanted the $. I'm sure they would have found someone else to pay if not him. It's terribly tragic, especially for his Children whom he loved so much, but money can buy a lot of things - including a "satisfactory" physical. AEG is proof of that...have THEY been charged with anything?


just an unfortunate accident we lost our dearest michael. dr conrad aint guilty but he stil has to pay for neglecting hm

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