Michael Jackson 911 Call Played in Court; Bodyguard Says Dr. Conrad Murray Hid Propofol

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Michael Jackson's security guard Alberto Alvarez testified in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today, recalling that fateful day in 2009.

Alvarez was the one who called 911 after Jackson's vital signs fell. The 911 call is included below. But his testimony delved into much more than that.

Murray asked Alberto Alvarez to remove several vials of Propofol before he called an ambulance on June 25, 2009, according to the witness' tesitmony.

Alvarez claims he quickly arrived at the scene and saw Murray performing one-handed chest compressions on Michael Jackson, who was still in the bed.

According to Alvarez, Murray immediately asked him to pack up several vials and an IV bag - one that contained a vial with a "milky white substance."

Murray THEN asked Alvarez to call 911, at which point the dispatcher ordered him to move the singer from the bed to the floor in order to perform CPR.

According to Alvarez, paramedics arrived soon after. He was grilled on the timeline of these key events by Murray's lawyer, but he remained steadfast.

Murray's defense hinges on the theory that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol while the physician was (briefly) out of the room.

They have to try something. Your take? Dr. Conrad Murray is ...


Folks, I love you all and it's great to share a moment like this with you people.I will say this about Michael's Dad ,Father Jackson went up to that house one night and Michael was hiring a new cook. Well, as the cook tried to drive up to the house Michael 's security told the cook to come back later because Michael's Dad was outside and trying get in because he was worried for Michael's well being.Security was trying to keep the 80 year old man out.


I suggest that you approach this case with intelligence and be unbiased in your decision, despite your love for MJ. I believe Victoria is correct in sense that there was negligence on both party. But to really answer this question, you need to understand the motives behind both parties of why this happened... Why did MJ decide to kill himself, or why did the Dr want to kill MJ?


I have to say one more thing, if this doctor wouldnt do it for Michael, give him prescription drugs. Michael would have found someone else to give it to him as he had in the past. He found a doctor to change his looks, he found a doctor for drugs, Michael did this to himself. The doctor had no motive to kill Michael cant people see this gosh damn. he didn't force it down Michael, Michael took the pills and stuff he wanted to and when he wanted to and how much he wanted to and he hid out so much of his life from being so loaded and stoned up. I liked Micheal too, he was talented and fun to watch, but grow up people, your idol did this to himself. He thought only of himself, not his kids, not the doctor who aided him, he just thought of Michael, and now who is paying the price, the doctor, his kids, his mom, the fans. and no one will place blame where it goes. duh. Michael Jackson did this to himself..


The doctor added to Michael down fall, but Michael killed himself, and his family knows that Michael was doing all this stuff, and Michaels dad was a jerk and added to Michaels downfall, he is just a greedy man who lived off his kids because he could do nothing for himself. the doctor should not get anything for killing Michael. Michael wanted to do prescription drugs and live wierd He ruined his life and what could have been so great, he ruined it for his children to be with him always to later in life much later, I dont understand people with so much talent and they hid behind a sad life of drugs prescription or not I dont get it. but worse I dont get a family that cant step forward and say yes Michael lived a bad way and did this to himself because of his childhood or what ever but no they want to blame someone anyone else. so sad...




Let us make it perfectly clear the person who killed Michael Jackson is his father when at age six (6) his father told him I am NOT your father call me Joe that was the day that Michael started dying and he has been a drugy all of his life non-stop so please don't tell me that doctor killed him that is so far from the truth so in my eyes Michael killed Michael and I am certain the doctor didn't give him the drug that killed him because I am sure there was a way he was able to do so. To throw this man to wolves and accuse him for the death of Michael Jackson is the biggest crime and for Joe to get off free and clear is the biggest of crime ever. He knew he couldn't do all what they expected of him so he ended all of it and got out of it plain and simple.


that doctor is gulity he needs to go to jail for the rest of his life and never get out


The evidence given so far today is pretty damning for Conrad Murray. The fact he was not honest with the chief paramedic about Jackson having propofol. Well! At the beginning of this trial I thought we might have got it wrong about Conrad Murray. BUT NOW!!!


Imagine, how difficult (was)to be Michael Jackson.
But even more difficult to be his doctor.
Plus - Michael was mortal person.



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