Melanie Amaro Forces X Factor Viewers to "Listen"

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With apologies to Rachel Crow, Nick Voss and other impressive acts from week one of The X Factor, Melanie Amaro is it.

This 18-year old put gave us the audition of the (early) season last night, belting out Beyonce's "Listen," bringing Nicole Scherzinger to tears and prompting Simon Cowell to say: "When I was asked by people why I was bringing this show to America it was because I hoped we were going to find someone like you."

High praise, indeed. Does Melanie deserve it? You decide...


Melanie amaro...i was speechless after watching your audition. Your voice is golden! You have the best voice i have ever heard of. Your really nailed it. I know for a fact that you will bring it all the way to the finish line. You sure are a real talent. You have my support and am number one fan!

Taylor elizebeth

Her voice was amazing that was just wowing!!!


i hope shes not like jordon sparks


No need to watch the rest of the season. Winner!

Victoria saunders

Wow,,,well you brought it girl...I believed your words to heart sank and my arms chilled,,,,you sang it to belief...God Bless you and your family,,,,WoW...


Melanie Amaro - absolutely fantastic, what a voice. Pity the clip on youtube won't download. It's good that I recorded the show.


Oh yeah. I will watch the show now. Just because of that clip.


amaro made the show and i look forward to hearing anything she sings in the future


wow!! her and the francis lady should duet!!


Until Melanie Amaro the show has been a complete JOKE.....Now that Melanie has arrived competition OVER!

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Melanie Amaro is an 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida. She originally auditioned for The X Factor with Beyonce's "Listen" and then... More »
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