Melanie Amaro Forces X Factor Viewers to "Listen"

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With apologies to Rachel Crow, Nick Voss and other impressive acts from week one of The X Factor, Melanie Amaro is it.

This 18-year old put gave us the audition of the (early) season last night, belting out Beyonce's "Listen," bringing Nicole Scherzinger to tears and prompting Simon Cowell to say: "When I was asked by people why I was bringing this show to America it was because I hoped we were going to find someone like you."

High praise, indeed. Does Melanie deserve it? You decide...

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Simply actually ok with saying u brought tears to my eyes...i hummm this song at work before ive heard u...but u are simply amazing my girl...Thanks Simone for making the right choice to hold on to u...u will be heard baby....


I've watched this clip about 40 times and everytime I fill up. What is it about that voice that brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Agree with Paula, best audition I've ever heard, bar none.


Melanie you have a GOD given talent you sound better than the original and I think Beyonce herself will agree with that.I keep playing the video over and over and you bring me to tears every time,I am in Canada but you have my vote and I know that you are going to win the X Factor.Keep up the good work and stay humble.GOD BLESS


Melanie wow God bless you when I heared your voice every time I cry
I hope you will be winn if you are winn I will the happiest man in the world good luckkkkkkkk


WOW!! what a beautiful natural voice,when you sang i really felt it ,light tears running on my face . you are definitely a star right now and go forward to your dream in singing career you have what it takes -good luck!!!


Melanie Amaro sang "Listen" from the heart and people felt it. Shes really good, she sang it like shes the original singer of that song well done Melanie.


OMG !! Girl, You are BETTER than Beyonce in my book.. OMG~! You brought tears to my eyes and That IS hard to do.. AMAZING !! you WILL go far........ Wow !!!!!


Melanie your performance was astounding. You have such poise, and still is humble. Your voice resonates and touches deep within. I look forward to seeing you in the finale, but would enjoy your performances until then. Best of luck. You are the winner. Debbie, she is truly gifted.


Wow, just wow!


melanie melanie melaniei!!! i have watched your audition countless times!!! i am enamored with ur style grace humbleness and one of the most amazing voices ive heard in a long time!!!! u bring me to tears everytime i watch you!!! if you dont win then there is something seriously wrong with america and the judges!!! you have my vote forever!!! if u dont win it wont matter you will have your own deal as soon as the show is done!!!!! be real be yourself and keep blessing our ears with your amazing god given talent!!!!!!