Mel Gibson Settles With Alexander Dalton, Son of Oksana Grigorieva

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Mel Gibson will be paying Oksana Grigorieva's son, Alexander Dalton, $100,000.

With that settlement, the teenager waives his right to sue the troubled actor.

Oksana's lawyers were trying to get Gibson to pay Alexander $500,000 for allegedly terrorizing the boy during the blowout between Oksana and Mel. 

Milking Him

Oksana just keeps milking Mel.

The altercation between the then-lovers in January 2009 sparked allegations of abuse, later discussed (and argued about) on the Mel Gibson tapes.

Oksana also alleged Mel pushed the boy onto a table on a separate occasion.

According to legal documents, Mel agreed in a settlement to pay the boy $100,000, but there is a complete waiver on Alexander's part to sue Gibson.



This woman Oksana received a much much bigger selttlement with mel Gibson. Her picture should be beside the word goldigger, in the urban dictionary.


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This is a trumped up story by TMZ in all it's vicious glory in an effort to get posts from it's perverse fans at the expense of a kid. First off a minor couldn't be held to a contract about future decisions. And if no court document exists from the date when the agreement was mutually set, this is either forged or non existent. Since the the site liberally posts any material it has at this point it's very fishy. Second, $100K would be a ridiculously negligible amount for a kid with a dad who is considered a high income earner anyway. There was a sum of $250K paid to MG's ex at an earlier point and an addition $750K paid later, at least I think that was the order-- making the total $1M. Which was the up front lump sum she was going to get originally. This story is designed to make Gibson culties wet their collective pants.

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