Matt Hardy Arrested Again, Enrolling in Rehab

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Following yet another arrest, Matt Hardy is headed to rehab.

The professional wrestler, who was booked on suspicion of DUI last month, was actually led back to the police last week after his girlfriend, Reby Sky, called 911 because she was concerned Hardy "was strung out on pills."

Authorities subsequently obtained a search warrant for Hardy's house and found prescription painkillers in a safe, along with 20 vials of anabolic steroids and some ecstasy. Hardy turned himself in on Monday, posted bail and then released the following video, which says he's embarking on a three-month rehab program paid for by the WWE:

UPDATE: Reby says she was coerced by police into turning her boyfriend in, telling TMZ she "would never do anything to put [Matt] in a compromising position with the law."


hoping you are doing well. check for updates and praying for you to come to do the right thing for yourself. only if you want to make a change you will. checkin yourself in and out of rehab is a waste of your time and expensive. it is none of my business what happends in your personnal life but I have like you sence smackdown wrestling and I always thought you were someone realy cool. You were always rezilent and never backed down. I was glad to see you beat drew mcintire that was great. you dont have to pay any attention to this message you will probly never see it anyway but I have to try something to let you know there are people and friends of mine who want to see things better for you in your life. So I will continue to pray for you and check for updates.Good Luck.

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