Marty McFly Back to the Future II Nikes: On Sale!

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Marty McFly's futuristic sneakers from Back to the Future II are now on sale from Nike - four years before they even exist! Wrap your head around that!

In the subpar sequel, Marty travels to 2015 where he must stop his own son from ... doing something bad. We forget what. But the shoes were far out!

Fast forward to 2011 and Nike is releasing 1,500 pairs of the Nike Air Mag, with all of the pairs to be auctioned on eBay. Here's a look at the sneakers:

NiceKicks (dot) com says the shoe contains an actual LED panel, just like in the movie, and is fully rechargeable (five hours of LED action per charge).

Awesomely, ALL proceeds from the sale of the McFly shoes will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which helps fund research on Parkinson's Disease.

One pair reportedly sold already - for over $37,000!

Fox went on the Late Show this week to talk about the shoe. It's unclear, however, when and if Nike is planning a limited edition hoverboard release.

Now THAT would be rad!

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I will be ptutnig this dazzling insight to good use in no time.


Where can I get them n how much 9102572054. Sume1 call me I hve to hve a pair I'm inthe Army n need the shoes as a gift to my nephew he would flip out! He's a Back to Future superfan n he has cancer Please call me


Nike Goes “Back to the Future� with New Sneakers.