Madonna Sort of Openly Disses Lady Gaga!

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Is Lady Gaga like a hydrangea to Madonna?

The Material Girl didn't overtly slam the current pop phenom when asked about her by a French newspaper recently, but she also didn't have much to say in the way of encouragement or appreciation for Lady Gaga.

What did Madonna say about her exactly?

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"As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don't know whether her behavior is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial," she reportedly told Le Soir.

Ouch. Not an insult, but far from glowing and a bit accusatory.

Back when "Born This Way" first came out, the Lady was accused more than once of ripping off Madonna's "Express Yourself." Gaga said on The Tonight Show that she had received an email from Madonna's camp in support of the song.

Madonna's rep later told E! that she did not know of any such email.

As for the current quote, her camp sought to downplay and feud.

Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg didn't immediately have a comment regarding the French interview, but she told E! News, "I do know that [Madonna] has said many supportive things about Gaga over the years."

The other singer's rep hasn't yet returned a request for comment, but we wouldn't expect anything but high praise from the younger of the two.

For her part, Lady Gaga has spoken openly about her love for Madonna and has paid homage to the pioneer both in song and performance style.

This isn't a full-blown spat (yet), but if you had to pick a side ...



Fucking Madona thinks everyones trying to be like her! What nex!?! Shes an old bitch! Some teens have never even heard her songs before!


Fuck you Madonna fans, we are talking about Musik and not if Madonna is old or young. some men are just behaving as if they are competeting with women. Ron steward, phil collins, rollin stone, are all old singers today. I dont see any reason for talking about thier ages bcos i know we all will get old one day. you want all women above 40 to go hide themselves while men above 80 like Hefner are your Heros. wake up, we are not in the Arab world you Zombi.


Madonna is old, she needs to get df out the spotlight & retire. GAGA is here to stay! Y'all can suck my clit


Gaga's gimmicks will never last as long as Madonna's talent has.


I always like new music & new artists, but if you copy, you are to do it better & acknowledge your incentive..take a listen to vogue then born this way. origination makes the difference, give credit where its due.


I like Madonna & Love Gaga... One big difference is I haven't heard Gaga ripping on other people...


Madonna followed and imitated Cindy Lauper. Madonna's day has come and gone. She went from boy toy to paying boy toys. She's played-out and looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Her face looks plastihellic. Gaga is the new generation; she writes her songs and sings them well. Someone will follow Gaga. It called evolution, change, whatev. Madonna needs to get over herself; she thinks she's sacred because of whom she's named for. Bwahahaha


Does anyone notice that lady gaga is fucking ugly? She makes me sick with her crappy outfits and wacky makeup. I'm down with the material girl!! If lady gaga came up to me and asked me out, I would punch her in the face thinking she was a tranny! I dig madonna the most!! Holliday, borderline, voque, cherish, damn, those are just four hits that sound better than anything gaga ever made!! And for all you gaga lovers, suck it. Madonna all day, fuck the rest!


Madonna always had a nasty attitude for years and I think she sould be a little supportive to Lady gaga and I don't care for gaga but Mrs. Madonna used to do stuff people don't like and dress like hoer and feeling up herself{ GaGa is more gross }so she really need to get over her self maybe thats why she can't keep no man but a 20 year old that she can tell what to do and I love all the 80's but Madonna needs to stop being so mean to lady gaga is look up to her and to be honest Madonna voice really wasn't that good Gaga's a little better.


you go madonna!lady gag gag is just that. gag!cannot stand her outfits or some of the things she does on stage. she should be more lady like. just do not understand what people see in her.

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