Madonna Sort of Openly Disses Lady Gaga!

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Is Lady Gaga like a hydrangea to Madonna?

The Material Girl didn't overtly slam the current pop phenom when asked about her by a French newspaper recently, but she also didn't have much to say in the way of encouragement or appreciation for Lady Gaga.

What did Madonna say about her exactly?

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"As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment to make about her obsessions having to do with me because I don't know whether her behavior is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial," she reportedly told Le Soir.

Ouch. Not an insult, but far from glowing and a bit accusatory.

Back when "Born This Way" first came out, the Lady was accused more than once of ripping off Madonna's "Express Yourself." Gaga said on The Tonight Show that she had received an email from Madonna's camp in support of the song.

Madonna's rep later told E! that she did not know of any such email.

As for the current quote, her camp sought to downplay and feud.

Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg didn't immediately have a comment regarding the French interview, but she told E! News, "I do know that [Madonna] has said many supportive things about Gaga over the years."

The other singer's rep hasn't yet returned a request for comment, but we wouldn't expect anything but high praise from the younger of the two.

For her part, Lady Gaga has spoken openly about her love for Madonna and has paid homage to the pioneer both in song and performance style.

This isn't a full-blown spat (yet), but if you had to pick a side ...



madonna is of my era. an i love her music but, im a little disapointed by her high an mighty attitude lately.. she should get over her self and make room for new talent like gaga. who clearly is followin in her shoes.. madonna needs to move on to more mature musicfor her more mature fans. gaga is the new generation.


Material girl all the way. doesn't lady gaga have a little penis? Gross!! @the chick who thinks I'm gay, why don't you ask you sister and your momma, how gay I am!


the statement of Madonna is actually very substantial - it isn't a matter of whether you're Team Madge or Team Ga. Madge's work and image is not based on another recording artist. She didn't climb up on an artist to extend her fame :D


shes just jealous of gaga. Gaga is the new madonna.


Get over it Madonna. You're way past it now - a "has been". Lady Gaga is heaps more talented. And I don't like your insensitive comment about the flowers you were kindly given.


What we have here is a competition. I respect Madonna and I respect Lady Gaga, but the big difference is Madonna is a Hall Of Famer, a legend, old school, and Lady Gaga is young and is just getting started. Lady Gaga is not a copycat, she's just being herself.


Madonna, give it up you are over, some people still like you I guess they never heard Lady Gaga. Gaga all the way. Madonna, do I hear a slight bit of envy.


I love Madonna, dont hate lady Gaga either. in my last statement, i was just refering to Fuck u Madonna fans that was just talking about Madonn´s age and not about the Music that we all are talking about. Anyway, God bless them both....


I like them both.
When I wanna feel my age-32, I listen to Madonna's old music. Ya know...the good stuff. And when I'm feeling juvenile, it's GaGa all day. Neither one of them are original. From their style to their choice of controversy. Gay rights, lesbian tendencies, underground culture and religion are all the hot button issues and they BOTH make sure they in the forefront of that. The truth is I'm a real music fan, which means that Drake, Justin Bieber and Demi Lavatory are not allowed within 100ft of my house, car or person. So trying to compare basically the same woman is stupid. Madonna was GaGa 30yrs ago. So all of you that are actually comparing & finding differences proves you a music listener and not a music fan!
Take that energy and redirect it at your parents were it belongs. Just tell them your gay and I promise you'll feel better and not be so angry! Love ya!


@jackie and that idiot joop, fuck lady gaga, she sucks!! I don't like saying this over and over. Poker face was ok, let's dance, ill give it to the whore. But alejandro?really? She copied ase of bass! Then she copies madonnas express yourself! Wtf? This bitch is retarded!! So are all u lady gaga fans!! Fuck off!!

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