Look What Justin Bieber Did for Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber might be a keeper.

Sources confirm to TMZ that the singer set up a special date for girlfriend Selena Gomez last night. A VERY special date.

Jelena in Malibu

From a private movie screening to a walk on the beach in Malibu, life is good for Jelena.

After seeing Demi Lovato in concert at the Nokia Theater, Justin reportedly took Selena through the underground tunnel that connects that locale with the Staples Center and surprised her with a completely empty arena in which the pair watched Titanic together.

Incredibly, Bieber didn't have to fork over a dime to rent out the 20,000-seat stadium. It was given to him for free because his concerts have sold out the venue three times. Seriously, Selena, you might wanna keep this guy around.

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He feels gulity cuz she got an abortion.


you guys totally made a cute couple over there . love seeing you two in like this !!LOL


wow..they look so cute together...i love you jelena


Fucking SergeoFrancoFrankieNeal said to Justin Bieber that he can do anything he wants with me and also the other people said that he is a Gay Faggit but he see himself like a young Dad.


all i can say is that was very sweet of justin,seems he treats her like she should be treated,a princess!

Taylor elizebeth

you people need to grow up and get a life stop hating on selena, dont be mad cuz she better then you and pretty and dont be mad cuz she has a carear and you DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that bitch if i see her i will go somewere just me and her and start hiting her as hail antel she died


Awww cute next thing you know it he will ask her to marry him.


You BITCH! Selena i hate u! justin bieber is mine and mine friend

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