Look What Justin Bieber Did for Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber might be a keeper.

Sources confirm to TMZ that the singer set up a special date for girlfriend Selena Gomez last night. A VERY special date.

Jelena in Malibu

From a private movie screening to a walk on the beach in Malibu, life is good for Jelena.

After seeing Demi Lovato in concert at the Nokia Theater, Justin reportedly took Selena through the underground tunnel that connects that locale with the Staples Center and surprised her with a completely empty arena in which the pair watched Titanic together.

Incredibly, Bieber didn't have to fork over a dime to rent out the 20,000-seat stadium. It was given to him for free because his concerts have sold out the venue three times. Seriously, Selena, you might wanna keep this guy around.

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If you love Justin and your jealous because he loves selena, you shouldn't, you should be happy for him I do!! I love you Selena!!
I love you Justin!!
I love you Jelena!!


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mahn!!!!!!!!!u 2 JB & SELENA GOMEZ...........u 2 luk great!!!..not even!!!!!i waS JUST KIDDIN........ohh by the way .......Justin why did u make selena pregnant??????..........i think ske will luk like one grandmother if she gets pregnant!!!!......oops my bad!!!!........one more thing......ok!!4get it........i have release the anger in me.........thanx!!!!!!!...........mwuah!!.mwuah!!!


seriuosly???..... please J.B and Selena are way too young to be serious..... wait until ur older guys!!! hahahahahah!! im soo evil...


about those two!!!!!!JB & SELEN GOMEZ..............I DON'T THINK THEY LUK GUD 2GETHER!!!!!!......no offence........they are not!!!!.....mwuah!!!..2 u JB..........4get about that gal!!!!! luv u!!


hey all girlz shut uppp coz justin is just mine n always mine so plz dont watch fack dreamz one day ur all dream will break so keep ur love for some one not for my justin ............


All of u guys that hate Jelena......SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! I love u JB. Even though i dont know u Shykeim i still got ur back.


shykeim u also shut up coz she is so stuipt girl nd u also nd*


It's very memorial moment ..i just like this time...god blase you Selena n Justin


Aimon pricess just shut up your really annoying and if you got to something to say say it to there face i bet you wouldnt say a thing to her face. So shut up

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