Lonely Island Emmy Awards Performance: Hit or Miss?

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The Lonely Island performed at the Emmy Awards Sunday, marking a rare live performance by the SNL trio of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone.

The guys were joined by Michael Bolton on "Jack Sparrow" before giving way to Lonely Island stand-ins Ed Helms, John Stamos and Maya Rudolph on "3-Way".

Akon then came on to belt out the chrous from "I Just Had Sex", with an assist from Bolton and the guys at the end. It was ... different at least. Take a look:


Hilarious as those guys are, did the live effort fell a bit short? High expectations didn't help them, but it felt a little forced, and yet lacking at the same time.

It's not as funny when the hilarious comedic crew has to censor every other word ... or when other people stand in for Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.

Why not go with only "Jack Sparrow"? Bolton's big, sexy hook (and watching him attempt to pull off all the costume changes) would have been priceless.

In any case, props to them for trying something so ambitious if nothing else. Here are the original videos for each of the above songs for comparison ...


It was the emmys... they were the funniest thing to perform on the emmys since chris rock. Brilliant work.


I loved Jack Sparrow when I saw it played on SNL. But it really falls flat as performed live in this venue. Also Gaga knocked three way out of the park on SNL. I love Maya, but she's not Gaga.


Samberg's the man!! The emmy performance was funny. loved the 'freak Bill Macy'. The video quality is terrible tho'.


They sucked.......DONKEY!!
If this is the best that SNL can do, then SNL sucks....DONKEY too!!




Wow. Is this what saturday night live consider "humor". What morons.

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