Lindsay Lohan to Wife of Vikram Chatwal: Step Off!

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This sounds crazy, but given that it's Lindsay Lohan? Who knows.

The often-clothed train wreck reportedly crashed a party and got all up in the grill of her rumored boyfriend Vikram Chatwal's estranged wife, Priya!

Lohan has been spotted kissing Dream hotel owner Vikram at his home in New York. She was said to be unimpressed when Priya Sachdev arrived from India with their daughter. How did she respond to Priya's return?

Lindsay Lohan: What a Boob

Lindsay made it clear that SHE is the main woman in Vikram Chatwal's life.

A source who witnessed the incident told the N.Y. Post: “Lindsay found out Vikram was hosting a dinner at the Dream, and turned up with a friend at the hotel’s Electric Room, waiting for him. That’s when the trouble started."

"Priya was very dignified, but Lindsay was so rude."

"She acted as if she’d had no idea Vikram was married, and tried to make it clear Vikram Chatwal was her friend. Others had to calm things down.”

Lindsay has been staying at Vikram’s house and is believed to have even moved her own hairdresser in. However, Lohan was told she had to leave a few days ago before Priya returned to the US top avoid any unpleasantness.

The source added: "Vikram's father Sant Singh has tried to order Lindsay out numerous times. Vikram’s family worry that Lindsay is bad news."

"They want him to stay away from her.”

Probably not the worst idea ever.

Vikram and Priya got married in a lavish seven-day ceremony in 2006 and although they later separated, the pair have remained close.

Lindsay's representative Steve Honig has denied the actress and Vikram are romantically close, saying that "Vikram and Lindsay are just good friends, and there is absolutely no romance going on between them.”

He said the same thing about Lindsay and Dina Lohan, though ... and we all know that's gotten physical of late. Mom can't keep her paws off.


Avatar offense, dude, but Lindsay DOES NOT know how to even focus on community service. AT ALL!!!!! Also, I could be wrong but I seem to remember that LiLo has skipped out on community service SEVERAL TIMES!!! Plus, because Lindsay VERY RUDELY ignores her community service obligations, she has been scolded and reprimanded by SEVERAL judges SEVERAL times over the years!!! Justaguy, dude, The Bottom Line here is that Lindsay DOES NOT know how to stay out of trouble...PERIOD!!!!! And, now, Lindsay seems to be chasing after a married man!!!!! And, also, she recently told the married fella's wife to...step off!!! In more ways than one, Lindsay has some ENDLESS DAMN NERVE!!!!! She needs to focus more on her career and EVEN MORE SO on repairing her shattered image and focus A LOT LESS on chasing husbands...PERIOD!!!!!


Let me get this straight...that skanky and stanky TRAIN-WRECK Lindsay Lohan is seeing a married fella and SHE'S telling the man's wife to Step Off!!! I completely agree with Stank...LiLo is a waste of energy on this earth!!!!! Priya, should have knocked the MOTHERFUCKING SHIT out of Lindsay!!!!! Also, I absolutely agree with Vikram's family...Lindsay is BAD NEWS and that Vikram needs to stay away from her. Vikram, seems to me that you have a beautiful, loving, and wonderful wife (Priva) at your side and by your side. Vikram, you need to avoid Lindsay like the PLAGUE that she is and concentrate on your marriage. As for you, Lindsay aka LiLo, here are 3 pieces of advice: (1) SUCK IT UP, (2) SHUT UP AND (MOST OF ALL) (3) GROW UP!!!!! And, STOP chasing after married men!!! Chasing after married men just makes you look EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!


Another article about Ms. Lohan showing up somewhere uninvited and causing a problem. She apparently still does not get the fact that no one can stand her. The only ones who get near her seem to be paparazzi she calls to be certain there are photos, or those who can make a quick profit and get away fast. She's a self-centered addict who hasn't told the truth in years and has nothing to offer. If tabs stopped reporting on her, perhaps she would finally go away.


I can't stand looking at those stupid duck lips anymore. She looks ridiculous plus along with the constant furrowed brow, she looks like an old lady.


Wasn't she lesbian


She is believed to have moved her own hairdresser in? Umm, a month or so ago didn't Lindsay try to claim in court that she was too damn broke to pay for court ordered thearpy and that is why she did not do it? But she can afford a personal hairdresser (live in or not)? So having her hair done just right is more important than a court order? She needs to worry a whole lot less about a guy and about her hair and worry a whole lot more about following court orders and doing her community service.


some guys will go to any depths to bag a white girl.


waste of oxygen on dis earth


Doesn't she have some community service she is suppose to be focused on!


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