Lindsay Lohan Gets Freak On With Mom

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As if it's not weird enough that Lindsay and Dina Lohan go out partying together, the pair are apparently swapping more than outfits to go clubbing in.

We're talking about spit. As in full-on making out.

While celebrating Dina's 49th birthday at Beauty & Essex restaurant in NYC, Lindsay reportedly showed her mom just how affectionate she's become.

Her brother Cody also witnessed this nastiness.

Dina and Lindsay Pic

So what do LiLo and DiLo have to say? "My comment is that we're not responding to the disgusting insinuations being made," Lindsay's rep tells E! News.

Deny it all you want, rep, just like you did the rumors of Lindsay getting it on with Vikram Chatwal. But she and her mom were partying hard that night.

And good for them. They're allowed to have fun, and maybe that's just what they do to let loose. But come on. It's open-mouthed kissing. Just weird.

Unless, of course, this was all a ploy to get people talking about something other than Ali Lohan's face. In which case, well done, elder Lohan ladies.

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