Larry Flynt Puts Bounty on Rick Perry Sex Scandal

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If you've had a sexual encounter - gay or straight - with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Larry Flynt wants to hear from you. And will pay BIG BUCKS for proof.

Hustler's publisher is targeting the Republican Presidential candidate, offering $1 million for anyone who can show Perry having an illicit sexual liaison.

The ad, which Flynt will take out in various newspapers, asks bluntly, "Have you had a gay or straight sexual encounter with Governor Rick Perry?"

Hey, you might as well not beat around the bush in this quest.

Rick Perry Picture

Rick Perry wants to be president. Larry Flynt wants to derail him/make money.

A purveyor of all things smut, Flynt is clearly not a fan of Perry, who opposes gay marriage and is regarded as devoutly conservative on social issues.

Then again, he's made similar offers in the past to people coming forward with dirt on Bill Clinton and/or members of Congress in either political party.

No word if there's a similar bounty on Perry's rival Rick Santorum, or whether it would involve a bonus if it involves "santorum" as Google defines it.

Seriously, Google Rick Santorum. Larry Flynt would be proud.


The reason is would matter if he were secretly gay is that it would mean he was a complete hypocrite, a liar, and a fraud. I think that would definitely have something to do with how he'd run a country.


Why does it matter if he is secritly gay? That has nothing to do with how he would run a country!


For quite some time both the New York Times and The Enquirer have been holding onto a story about Boehner and his infidelities. It's no Rick Santorum but I think it's worth exposing.


Larry Flynt is trash. why does trash always try to make everyone else trash also??? just don't get it. most politians have skeletons in their closets...probably ALL of them do. so, what is Flynt's point? and why would Perry be against gay marriage, etc. if he is gay???!!! can we just stick to the facts?!!!


There have been rumors for yrs about Perry being gay. I have heard this from extremely influential attorneys.

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