Lady Gaga: Dating Taylor Kinney?

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, who met on the set of her "You and I" music video shoot back in July, are "hooking up," according to People sources.

Kinney, who you may know from The Vampire Diaries, played the singer's mad scientist love interest in the video. Supposedly, the two got close.

Wonder how Luc Carl feels about that development.

Lady Gaga in Black
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The two were reportedly in Mission Viejo, Calif., over Labor Day weekend and a source close to Gaga confirms the pair "were hanging out" over the holiday.

Gaga, whose romantic life is a bit of a mystery, was last linked to musician, bartender and fellow New York native Carl, her on-off boyfriend of a few years.

In July, reports suggested Gaga and Carl were once again going strong and that she had even written "You and I" about the rekindling of that romance.

Looks like they could be on another break though, with Taylor Kinney swooping in! What do you think? Do he and Lady Gaga make a cute couple?



Lady gaga & Taylor make up a very strong romance.2me they are good,let them continue.if not possible let them split.


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Suppers this the boy los no pun intended from that six tray valley of los Angeles eh PA phoenix area zona click click. Just want to put love out to that girl Gaga Yah digg so bonita wink. About the concert it was tight no puns remembas wish I could have at" ended thanks frajos arato.


I think that they should break up because GaGa is way more talented than Taylor Kinney.


LanaLeonard: is being Jaundice??? Wtf kind of English is that?


Gaga's too good for him…but whatever she choses, I'll still love her


Honestly... who knows... I don't know what goes on behind closed doors... we do not know Luc or Taylor ... even Gaga for that matter... However, I know Gaga from what she has done... and I could say I am the biggest Little monster in the world but what little monster wouldn't say that. I am in love with her I always will be no matter her decision or life choices. I love her I love her I love her. but for anyone to judge on only looks of Mother Monster or Taylor or Luc is being Jaundice. Yes... They are ALL beautiful people... but remember that our inner most beauty is what radiates on our outsides. So I shall believe none if what I hear and half of what I see. What is ... IS and if Gaga is happy than that is ALL that matters in my book.
Remember what love, peace, and happiness actually IS


What's the hell is everybody's problem with Taylor. Do not any of you retards watch TVD?? He is a very talented actor. He also starred in a short lived drama on ABC called Trauma. So he's a struggling actor so what? hes talented and who the hell was Gaga a decade ago. She made it big cause she had talent so why hate on Taylor?? Hes hott as hell talented been on one of the most successful shows on the CW and is a little bit of a bad boy. Who gives a fuck about Luc Carl? Hes some loser NYC Bar owner.





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