Lacey Schwimmer Stands Up for Chaz Bono, Slams DWTS Critics

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Lacey Schwimmer really doesn't get it.

Some people are taking issue with Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing with the Stars because this individual has undergone a gender transformation? This is an example of Hollywood tearing down traditional values? Really?!?

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"It's disappointing," Schwimmer, who is partnered with Bono on DWTS, told The Insider. "No human is perfect, so why are they pointing out what they perceive to be an imperfection in someone else? It's not cool. We're all taught to not bully, or harass, and treat everyone as equals yet all these people are doing exactly the opposite."

Earlier today, Cher also stood by her controversial son. It should all make up for an interesting, highly-related season of Dancing with the Stars, that's for certain.

Where do you stand on the casting of Chaz Bono?


cher should treat it as usual, put on something slutty and then do a rendition of "i've got you babe" with a dancing chastity/chas.


I would rather see "a star" on the show..but as long as Chaz doesn't use this show as a weight reduction avenue..then I can be cool with him. I'm just tired of the weight reduction theme..Biggest Losser is the show for that but stars think they r too good for going that route..


Sorry it's early this morning I had a few typo's in my comment, meant to say I have a gay son and if accept people who they are life is so much easier and better, now get out there a dance you booty off I'm rooting for you XOXOXO


I agree with his being of non-celebrity status. He is simply the child of a star so, I am sick of the show putting these people on. I am as loving as they come and support everyone's choice in how they live their lives....the point to life is to find happiness and live honestly and true. HOWEVER, I don't care to watch him on the show...the point of the show was to staff STARS to make it appealing.


I don't understand what the problem is? really people? I was thought to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, and if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. Chaz you will do great I am rooting for you, and if you half have the talent your mom has you'll dance your butt off! ;) Can't wait to see you make all these negative mean people eat crow! Go Chaz you can do this!! I believe in you, I have a guy son, you accept people for who they are and live is so much better. Good luck sweetie got my fingers crossed for ya! XOXOOXOX


Who am I to judge anybody..? People would do much better to worry about the plank of wood in your own eye rather thank the speck of dust in your neighbors......


don't care if chas turns himself into a man, woman or grizzly bear. who turned chas into a star? i don't think dwts has that kind of power. chas is not a movie star, sports star, tv star or a star in the nightly sky. i don't think chas even has star qualities. at best he resembles a bulkier doug heffernan on king of queens, without the talent. i look alittle like brad pitt, can i get a spot too? please pair me up with that asian girl, cheryl, and fire the casting person that thought this up.


Chaz, I hope your reading this, "you better work".


it will be settled in the streets, no surrender, "let libya, ahh i mean la, burn".

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