Kreayshawn Covers Complex: Would You Hit It?

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I wanna slap a grown-ass man in the face. Game's a weak ass Blood, he ain't about to do s---. ... Am I just supposed to get dissed every day and be a weak ass little white b----? F--- that s---. I'm tired of people disrespecting me.

So Kreayshawn says in the latest issue of Complex when asked about The Game threatening her in his single "Uncle Otis."

Kreayshawn Nude Cover

The rapper, who poses without any clothes on for the cover, also says she's been shocked by her success:

"I realized I could get a record deal, was when I got a record deal. I didn't see myself getting famous. People say, 'You're changing the game.' I'm just being me. This is what I've been doing."

But do you wanna be doing Kreayshawn? Sound off below: Would you hit it?


All I'm reading from the rest of these comments are HATERS!!! This girl is sick with her music and she looks hella sexy!!! Yall need to quit hating!!


@Antoinette: "Personality and cockiness" are traits that aren't appreciated in hip-hop? I didn't get that memo.


This girl has some serious issues. She has so many fantasies and her stories are becoming more and more fantastic!. She said she used to be a drug dealer, a pimp! Now she says that she is a graphic designer? What school did she attend? Where is her portofolio? A director? I Remember that the Red Hot Chili Peppers scrapped her video. I wonder why? She does has some videos on Youtube but they all look like home made! LOL! A model? A 4 feet tall woman? Ahahah ! A DJ? Where did she DJ?
If she only had talent we could forget all that crap but she can't rap and sings out of tune!


I read that article and thought the "Kreayshawn" craze is going to die down in another year. Someone with that personality and cockiness won't get far in this industry. I'm not saying she's not a bad person or that I don't like her; I am just saying that her persona won't last long. Image is everything in this industry; it's either you have it or you don't. She doesn't and her fame will tank because of it.