Kim Zolciak Reality Show Confirmed by Source

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This is all your fault, Bethenny Frankel.

Because viewers tuned in to watch that former Real Housewife juggle a new marriage a new baby, Bravo has reportedly greenlighted a similar show for Kim Zolciak, who is the mother to little Kroy Jagger and engaged to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann.

Kim Zolciak Milkshake

"Kim’s new show is going to follow the very successful Bethenny formula," says a network insider. "A new mom and her fiancé trying to make everything work. Juggling baby, boyfriend and career. But instead of all those trips to a therapist that Bethenny made, expect Kim to work out her problems at the nail salon with friends."

Hey, it sounds a lot better than the premiere of Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men.



A total waste of time and space. Kim is and portrays herself as the
sterotypical "dumb blonde". She's not gifted or talented, she simply
got lucky with Kandi's help with a party tune. She dates men for
money and locked this last one in by way of a baby. What makes this
TV worthy. And compare here to Bethenney is just pathetic. Bethenny
did not or would not have a "big poppa" and be on national tv
insulting his wife and children. Bethenney is talented and has actually worked to improve her station in life, while Kim has been
on her back or knees improving hers. This show will fail miserably.
Kim's 15 minutes are up. She just needs to be thankful for what she
has and try to be a better mother and companion. Sorry to say, but
her relationship with Kroy will not last.


Eww. Not this wig-ger!


Oh for the love of God, I hope this isn't true.


If you think this is better than the premiere of Two and Half Men then we are in serious trouble. Having another one of these fake blond big fake lipped useless women get their own reality show is too much. They offer nothing new to this life, a total waste of time. Staring at a rock would be better entertainment.

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