Kim Zolciak Reality Show Confirmed by Source

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This is all your fault, Bethenny Frankel.

Because viewers tuned in to watch that former Real Housewife juggle a new marriage a new baby, Bravo has reportedly greenlighted a similar show for Kim Zolciak, who is the mother to little Kroy Jagger and engaged to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann.

Kim Zolciak Milkshake

"Kim’s new show is going to follow the very successful Bethenny formula," says a network insider. "A new mom and her fiancé trying to make everything work. Juggling baby, boyfriend and career. But instead of all those trips to a therapist that Bethenny made, expect Kim to work out her problems at the nail salon with friends."

Hey, it sounds a lot better than the premiere of Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men.


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love kim her kid's and her knew hubby.whish them all the best. can't wait for the knew show,and for all the hater's out there you guy's or soooo!jelouse of her it is should be happy for someone finding happinessin life,i just wish i could be so lucky.


Kim Zolciak is BORING! Kroy is BORING! Kim's family is BORING! This show will be BORING! Why would they even give her any show. She is far from Bethenny Frankel who at least has a personality to speak of. Kim Zolciak is a gold digger & she will say she is not. So that makes her a liar as well. I have no respect for Kim Z which makes Kroy even worse b/c he chose to marry this. His poor mom


I wont waste my time on her wigger turn white cuz shes with kroy ass. shes so fake n now that shes with kroy she trying to play the holsome role like shes not a big hoe and what happened to sweetie you fired her cuz what she didnt fit into you and kroys new life. Kim your wack and you need to be a better rolemodle for your children because its clear your rasing fast little girls.


i agree wit nina that show is not goin to last who cares about kim if it was nene i would be all for it get lost kim


I am so happy to hear this ....can't wait!


I am all for Kim's new show....I just wish she would stop using the "F" word all the time. Where can I get Rose's tel# or address?


No one needs to say anything negative regarding Kim's show, because it is not going to last a hot second. I am not hating on her, but the storyline on RHOA with her, Kroy, and the family is just boring. It definitely don't need the drama (fighting, cursing, etc.), but it needs a little something to give it the staying power it is going to need. I hope her show is not going to be geared toward bashing Nene and the other Atlanta housewives, because she caused a lot of the issues among herself and those ladies. Also, I am happy she found happiness, but don't act like you are above everyone, because if Kroy hadn't came along, you would hanging out with those ladies. Furthermore, Nene was right in her comments, but wrong in delivery of them. She should have as a friend talked to you one on one in a calm manner to address what she felt was racist or degrading in how you talk to Sweetie or how you are as a friend.


Great news for Kim and residents of HOT LANTA! The contributions of Kim & Kroy's show will now offer a different respective of the true North Atlanta!
Why not be happy vs. Continuing the vulgar and disrespective comments of Kim's past. The Bible teaches everyone is offered to discard their ugly garment to reveal a new life. Kept presents himself as a respectful gentleman & I will hold firm that he had brought the best to & from Kim.


YES! I will be watching her show and the RHOA...everybody is a hater and who cares who her kids are by. If its 1 daddy or 3. That's her business, not mine or anyone else's. She's entertaining just like all the rest.


Hell NO! I am not even going to watch the new season of RHOA never mind watch her on her own show! She is fake and all she does is lie! Her kids are from three different men she will never admit it though! She does not know how to keep friends, because she does not know what friendship is! She used Big Poppa and her previous rich married boyfriend! oops that is a secret. And her relationship w/ Kroy will end once she gets back out traveling again she will get bored of him and find someone with more money....