Kim vs. Khloe vs. Kourtney: Klash of the Kardashians!

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All three Kardashian sisters are feeling very Lucky this month.

The magazine has published three different covers of its November 2011 issue, each featuring a different, talent-free sibling from this money-hungry family. We can only imagine how this will stoke the rivalry that reportedly already exists between Khloe and Kim.

Actually, let's not imagine: stoke away, readers! Compare the sisters below and then cast a vote on your favorite look.

Fashion Face-Off!

Three Kardashian sisters. Three Lucky covers. One massive headache. Vote for the best look now! View Poll ยป


Wow Khloe you should be the lead celeb. sister. You are gorgeous and don't have that annoying voice.


Khloe is the prettiest..natural beauty and not fake.


khloe s da bomb


Khloe should get the cover. She is beautiful and there is more to her than just her looks.


I cannot sand this family!!!!!! But we all know they will pick Kim's cover simply because she is the most famous out of the three!


Woah Khole looks more hot!


Z-lister their not leaving anytime soon...Ryan Seacrest is their promoter.


none! i agree wth the others theyve become too much


None of them! Really, let's stop focusing on this family whose only talent is marketing their kids to be the next Paris Hilton, famous for nothing but looks and money.

Team me

I wish they would disappear already.

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