Kim vs. Khloe vs. Kourtney: Klash of the Kardashians!

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All three Kardashian sisters are feeling very Lucky this month.

The magazine has published three different covers of its November 2011 issue, each featuring a different, talent-free sibling from this money-hungry family. We can only imagine how this will stoke the rivalry that reportedly already exists between Khloe and Kim.

Actually, let's not imagine: stoke away, readers! Compare the sisters below and then cast a vote on your favorite look.

Fashion Face-Off!

Three Kardashian sisters. Three Lucky covers. One massive headache. Vote for the best look now! View Poll »

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Example of what Kim is bringing to our youth...Laura you need to be proud of who you are and don't try to be someone your not...I'm sure your beautiful.


Kim you are sooo pretty I was looking at your earlier pictures and noticed your features have changed you were so pretty before but I want to look like you and I was thinking of having plastic surgery too I have to wait until i'm 18 because my parents wont allow it now I want my eyes to look more slanted like yours and I was thinking of having botox and a face lift aswell I also want bigger boobs and a bum like yours I heard you can get implants for your bum KIm I love you so much please tell me what you think because i want to look just like you


Actually kim is the prittiest. Khloe is so frikken jealous of kim that is y she always pics on her, and she prefers kourt coz shez no competition. Khloe y don't u just love your sister and b proud of her, we can c jealousy written all over yo face. Clean it gal


Kim is not a dummy head. That is a stupid name to call someone Nina.


I think are so pretty i saw your wedding photos online you looked gorgeous, so did your other sisters. I hope u had a great time at your wedding.even though your dad wasnt there to walk you down the aisle bruce jenner was there for you.I know how you felt i would feel the same way but its just how life is. I love you :).....


i think kim you are the most gorgeous person in the whole wide world even though people think you are fake just ignore them you know its not true so yeah i love you and i wish i was over at your house....:)


Khloe ofcourse!shes beauty defined.


khloe, kim is a dummy head.


They're a savvy and obviously together family who know how to cash in on what they've got...all you haters are jealous of the monetary success they've derived from the form of entertainment they promote...And they ARE beautiful...they've all got good qualities - you would be really screaming if they were like Osama Bin Ladin, wouldn't you??? The only one I'm not quite sure about though, is Scott...


Khloe duhhhhh!!!!! Wow just look at her she's so on fire!!!! Dang!!!!...Then followed by kourt tho ??? just gotta love Khlo