Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Offer: Rejected!

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Kim Kardashian Superstar will remain in the possession of Vivid Entertainment. For now at least.

An anonymous buyer - reportedly NOT Kim Kardashian or new husband Kris Humphries - had been interested in purchasing the entire reason this talentless individual is famous sex tape between Kim and Ray J and taking it off the market.

But Steve Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid, the company that owns the video, tells TMZ an offer of $20 million has been turned down.

Kim Kardashian on Letterman

We "have decided that we are going to hang on to it... for now," Hirsch says. "Although the offer that we ultimately received was substantial, when I realized that it wasn’t Kim it became less appealing. Kim is a superstar and if it were to be sold, it should be to her."

But then how would Kardashian whine about it every so often and pretend like she wasn't behind its initial sale all along? We don't see her purchasing the tape, only milking its existence for every last penny she can.


I feel so sorry 4 her abt dat sex tape but there are some things u just don't do and if u wat 2 do it, u hav 2 be very careful


Kim d fuckimg bitch u dont know wats gud 4 u kris luvs u


I love the kardashians any how so I don't mind the sex tape and all the rest of bullshit. I'm not gonna be judgemental at all. The girl is rich. She is living the life so I think all a yall who r blabbering abt it are to find something to do that may not be exactly what she did that will make u twice as rich as her. Feel me? Cuz that's what I'm doing. Love yah kim!


EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON...... ALL you broke ass bitches just wanna hate cuz she came up off of doin somethin that fine ass couples do EVERYDAY!! Take over the world girl..... YOUR THE BADDEST BITCH ON EARTH BABY!God bless you.... Your Dad is lookin down smilin and proud as HELL!!


I love the sex tape


"like" on that video! way to go Kim! ;D Dirty Slut!


Y r ppl judging kim 4 God's sake...r u God??d gal is jst sum1 who is 2emotional n dt wt causd d sextape..ray j tuk advantage of glad she's married nw so all haterz kn go2hell..she's chillin no doubt so stp d judgement..d deed hz bin done..


Yes I saw the uncencered version with Kim being urinated on it was weird and beyond disgusting it shows you that Kim is a filthy whore who will literally let men do whatever they want to her which makes her a great porn star!


Oh, please, that sex tape was the ONLY THING she's famous for. I saw the tape -- she's about as sensual as a cockroach! Everything she did/does is staged. This was no tape for their KK & Ray J) own viewing. It was staged, choreographed, and professionally lit. She wanted in on all the hype and action Paris Hilton was getting with her tape. She's a copy-cat and follower of one of the lamest of females. Geez, she didn't even have enough imagination to try something different. The only difference was getting urinated on -- that was her one-up on Paris. (Yes, the unexpurgated version - before Kim's deal with Vivid - contains water sports).

Taylor elizebeth

I know that she is married well she got married when she was 18 i saw the show and i know they only do that to make money off of them


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