Kim Delaney Tries, Fails to Honor Robert Gates; Escorted Off Stage During Speech

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Army Wives star Kim Delaney had to be escorted off the stage at an event honoring former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in Philadelphia, Pa.

Three former U.S. presidents made video tributes at the event and several high ranking U.S. officials were present, along with celebs such as Delaney.

Point being, it was a big deal, making this moment even more bizarre:

The actress began slurring, stammering and stalling her way through a speech that can best be described as ... unusual. That's the best description.

Yeah. Awkward. Delaney has had issues with substance abuse in the past, but it's unclear just what caused Kim's bizarre behavior this time around.

All that's missing from the above clip was this guy. Play her off, buddy ...


Wow, obviously under the influence of something, hair's a mess, no make up, cotton mouth, one eye isn't opening sometimes and when she hesitated trying to read the teleprompter it looked like she was going to bust up laughing with that weird smile..yikes! Also very sad and I do hope she get's the help she needs. If I was that F'd up I think I wouldn't show up instead of embarassing myself and also this event honoring of all- our military.


Since when does the people who are attacking Kim Delaney perfect? Where is the empathy for a clearly tortured human being? When someone points their finger at someone there are 3 pointing back to you. I just celebrated 12 years sober so I know first hand the pain addiction brings to family and friends. You are in my prayers Kim. XO


Ms. Delaney is NOT a disgrace. She is a valuable human being with an obvious illness. I can't imagine the shame she must feel. Spend more time being concerned with her receiving the help she needs. The producer(s) should have noted her state prior to the speech and revised the evening's agenda accordingly.


Or? She was boozing...
Stuck behind the illogical left and the do or die right? Good luck to you beautiful... I cant imagine what they wanted her to say behind stage. I served. Still am. Thank you. Good job on the show love... Not accurate but damn good try for the ages to behold. All the love from your boys, j


Please leave Kimmy alone. She is a wonderful person who needs help, is all.


Stupid, stupid woman. She thinks the whole world is her "reality" TV schtick. Here's a clue, I.S. - it's not.


She is a digrace to the military that have fought and dies for this country...

Wendi clark

She is high as a kite.... no doubt. She cant read the prompter cause she is stoned out of her mind. Her hair is a mess and she has no make-up on... and she is a bag of bones.... substance abuse is a terrible thing!


It looks like she's trying to read from a teleprompter and is having issues or something. Looking at her, she looks a mess but you can also see she's looking off at something and reading. Maybe she took something that seriously blurred her vision or made the letters dance making reading almost impossible.