Khloe Kardashian: Struggling to Konceive, Koncerned Kim Kould

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It's hard to believe that anything involving the Kardashian family is not scripted ahead of time and approved by E!, but a source tells Us Weekly Khloe Kardashian truly is suffering from a problem:

She can't conceive.

"Khloe is having major problems getting pregnant," says a friend, who labels the issue as "very, very real" and adds: "It's not contrived for their reality show."

All Three Sisters

With Kim Kardashian now hitched to Kris Humphries, and already hinting about a baby, the insider adds that Khloe feels more pressure than ever before to cook Lamar Odom's bun inside her oven.

"If Kim were to get pregnant first, that would cause tension, because it would highlight Khloe's struggle," the pal says. "The competition has really got her depressed."

We're guessing an endorsement deal from a fertility drug company might cheer Khloe up, however.

Who do you think will have a baby first?



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Nobody shd play e blame game. Whoever gets preg first its e gift of God.


Liam it is clear from your post you are racist and rude and vicious. If you really liked Khloe you would have a hell of alot more respect. Just because Lamar is black does not mean he does not deserve respect. You obviously don't realize how frustrating it can be not to be able to concieve.


Liam it is clear from your post you are racist and rude and vicious. If you really liked Khloevyou eould have a hell of alot more respect. Jerk.


Apart from Khloe's foul mouth she is the only one out of all of them who I like, that being said I don't think Khloe will ever have that black mans baby I genuinely don't believe she is having trouble concieving I think Khloe likes the status wealth & attention that comes with being an NBA wife however I don't believe she will ever bear children for Lamar O'Dumb


Love u Khloe...keep your head up!!!


Khloe's time will come and when it does she'll be a wonderful mother.


I feel bad for Khloe and I hope she gets pregnant soon. It must be very frustrating for her. Khloe seems like she would be a really good mom.


If GOD decides who has children why does he give people that abuse, rape or kill children. Still laughing a preacher reads the hollywood gossip. Hahz


Is GOD dat gives kids!whose so ever gut pregnant first is khiol don't worry GOD will her ur cry one day!same with Kim my love


kim will b the first then kourt wil add a 2nd kid khloe is unlucky